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Deep down in the marrow of our bones, the cells in our bodies, & the blood that flows is the gnosis of the deep feminine that is permanently inscribed in our DNA. This memory is imprinted within each of us and can never go away.

The Deep Womb is the thread to awakening our Feminine Embodiment. 

When we allow the intelligence of the Earth to speak through the body, womb and heart we arrive more fully into the core of who we are. 


Our bodies are mirrors of the earth.


The more we drop down and create space to breathe life into our wombs the more Embodied we become as the earth is able to breathe more of our spirit into us in return.


This remembrance and connection is everything.




Everything is a micro womb to the macro womb of creation & it is absolutely vital to be in coherency with the Womb of Life.

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