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Anaia Sundara is the founder of The Deep Womb Mystery School, an Embodiment Facilitator, Writer, Certified Womb Practitioner, Somatic Movement Guide & Trauma Informed.

Her connection and relationship to the Earth has been her number one teacher and inspiration.

She has been studying The Deep Womb for 6 years and carries powerful embodied medicine for women to remember the sacredness of their body, connection to the elements, and awaken to their purpose and service in the world.

She invokes deep sacred space through a variety of avenues in ritual, ceremonial, and priestess temple arts & gently guides women back into connection with their bodies through The Deep Womb teachings. 


She is a certified Womb Practitioner, Attunement Therapy Practitioner, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (Level 3), Yoga 200 hr RYT (emphasis on Kundalini & Restroative Yoga), & Completed Levels 1 and 2 of Quodoushka s3xual arts.


She has deep passions in studying Continuum Movement, Attachment Therapy and Pre and Peri Natal Therapy & has attended one of Ray Castellino's Womb Surround Processes & intends to do more!

She is also studying this summer to become a NARM Trauma Informed Professional.

Workshops and Facilitation 

Deep Womb Yoga is a full ceremony of movement, dance, sisterhood, embodiment, connection and love. We explore the ancient mysteries of the womb in a safe and sacred space. We  focus on the lunar feminine pathways of the body which include the Pelvic Floor, heart, throat, womb, yoni and cerebellum (primal back part of brain). Be anointed with the tonic of gnosis, re-connect to your womb and descend into the deep feminine dimensions together! 


Are you listening to the Soul

of the Earth?

Embodied Divinity is a somatic movement practice based in part on Emilie Conrad's Continuum Movement.
Continuum is an exploration into the fluid dance of life as it unfolds through our being and the world around us. By taking the time to slow down, drop below our normal habitual awareness & tune into our internal rhythms we enter a world of the deep womb space.
Together we will explore a variety of breaths, vocalized sounds and subtle movements to awaken the pleasure of our bodies and allow our spines to come back into their fluid origins.
This practice is a powerful catalyst to re-wire the psyche and body at the cellular level. It provides the space to dive into the societal imprinting, ancestral trauma, and inter-generational patterns that keep you from feeling the pleasure and joy that is available in every moment.
It allows you to slow down enough to truly unravel and rest in the way your nervous system and soul longs for in such a fast paced and constantly doing world.


Sacred Dance Alchemy is based off Ritual Temple Arts & Mystical Dance. Through it you explore the magick, depth, and power of remembering the holiness of the body and return to the temple within. When women come together to dance and express themselves, deep healing and magick unfolds. It is a journey of expression, connection, pleasure, movement, ritual, ceremony, sisterhood and awakening. Together we RISE in true sisterhood, love, and communion of the Heart.

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