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The Womb Space

A Journey into

the alchemy of the womb

The blueprint of creation is held within the feminine womb space. The womb contains the deepest mysteries and magick of existence.

The womb is the mystery of all mystery schools.

By awakening your womb space you can release pain, trauma, and inter-generational patterns you have carried so you may step into the fullness of who you truly are, learn how to dance with the shadow and use it as your greatest tool to awakening, overcome your deepest blocks, and embrace your juicy authentic nature!

I am here to support you to remember your beauty, your magick, your pleasure, and your power as you come back into the wholeness of your Womb and the Embodied Love that you are at your core.

This is a safe space for you to access greater clarity, bliss, pleasure and joy and embrace the pain, challenges, and confusion with more ease.

If you are ready to..

💥Awaken the wisdom of your womb
💥Celebrate your wild Shakti power
💥Let go of the inter-generational patterns
💥Embrace your erotic innocence
💥& Open your heart to live a more joyous and free life

Then let’s dive deep into the mysteries of the womb together!

"I was so incredibly nourished by the womb journey with Anaia. It was so thorough, so supportive, so expansive. Every day there was something new to explore!"
"This was more than a course for learning, it was an initiation into the most sacred temple: The Womb Space."
"I found the container to be sacred and safe. I was surprised and relieved at how quickly the women dropped in with each other and how held I felt by Anaia's personal groundedness with each area of exploration."
"The womb space immersion held by Anaia was incredible. It was filled with such an abundance of meditations, insight and rituals of the womb."
"It took me into places I've never explored before and I came out more educated and connected to my femininity and masculinity."
"This immersion was held in such a beautiful way that it seemed as if we were all physically together." 
"I am so grateful that I said YES. I could not have imagined the bounty that waited on the other side of investing in my growth. I received so much more than money could have ever paid for!"
"Anaia has a special gift of honoring vulnerability and creating authentic sisterhood!"

Enter the temple

of the womb

This 13 Day Online Immersion can be done at anytime & any place.

It is designed as a 13 day immersion but you can complete the course content at your own pace.


✓Each day you will receive the course content via email – This may be an Ebook, Video + LIVE Videos, Audio Recording, Written inspiration, Sacred Dance Medicie, or Meditation. Total of 15 sessions + Bonuses Podcasts featuring other amazing Wombyn. 

✓Teachings, transmissions and practices deepen your connection to the Divine and open you to transformation and higher guidance available when you connect to your Womb. 

✓Invitation to deepen your practice with discounted 1:1 online coaching sessions with Anaia

✓Access to The Womb Space Secret Facebook group. 
This is a space for us to be heard, seen, & witnessed. We are all here to help with the awakening of humanity. We support and uplift each other in rising and hold each other when we fall into forgetfulness. Letting go of competition and struggle and returning to the Divine Mother's Grace is what this space is all about. Together we will be co-creating a mutual field of safety, trust, care, and support.

✓Support and be supported by your fellow womb sisters in the Facebook group. 

✓ Support from Anaia who will be able to answer questions and share insights through the facebook group

✓ Ongoing inspiration to keep you inspired and committed to your practice

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