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is a 6 week journey into your sensual embodiment. We will travel down the feminine pathways of the Heart, Womb, Yoni & Body. We will also focus on inner child healing & trauma work. This is a full embodied initiation back to your feminine embodiment & sensuous self. 

I don't know about you but it has been a journey to truly come into my body. I am continuing to come deeper and deeper in. Embodiment is something that I will always be working on in this lifetime because it is so important. I wasn't one who was up in the cosmos, in fact, most people told me I was very grounded but I was also quite disassociated and my nervous system was stuck in a freeze & collapse state. 

It has taken so much work to EMBODY my true essence. I still feel there are so many layers that I am letting go of to truly be who I am. 

Embodiment is a spiral journey... 

One of my biggest fears in this lifetime has been opening to deeper intimacy. I don't know about you but eye gazing use to be absolutely terrifying to me. My breast were numb when they were touched, I had no idea the womb was a sacred space and my yoni was in pain anytime I tried to connect sexually.

My body was stuck in trauma, locked in fear and for a long time I had no idea how to shift this. 

I knew something had to change. My yoni was completely numb and couldn't feel any pleasure. My cycles were unbelievably intense and painful, I was depressed and shut down, completely disembodied. 

Slowly, I begin to be guided to tantra, womb healing, somatic therapy, developmental trauma, shadow work, inner child healing, sacred menstraution and more. 

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