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a deep dive into


Do you desire?

to understand the nuances of your somatic body?


to learn how to track the subtleties of your nervous system and be more aware

of what is happening within? 

to be more embodied?

to expand your capacity for emotional regulation?

to have an incredible toolkit of self regulation & co-regulation exercises?

to have the felt sense of being in an attuned and coherent field?

to have authentic connections where you feel seen, heard, cared for and loved?





I invite you to come experience what a trauma informed, embodied

 and regulated container feels like.

This is a live, 4 session, intimate group mentoring container.

You will receive a pre-recorded somatic toolkit that includes..

10 videos of Self and Co-Regulation Tools

+ 4 guided somatic meditation exercises

+ Spotify playlists curated for nervous system healing

During these 4 sessions, you will explore the window of tolerance and learn how to sustainably meet your edges and expand your capacity to be with life's challenges.

You will map your autonomic nervous system and explore what trauma responses your system tends to go into the most.


You will learn the difference between a real and perceived threat and will receive tools on what to do when you are in a activated state and how to come back into a state of regulation,

You will learn the different domains in the body and how to bring more awareness to your internal experience which allows you to become the operator of your nervous system.

Through this course we will be exploring different group embodiment practices and somatic exercises as well as partner practices in break out rooms so you will have the felt sense experience of this work and it will land deeper into your body and in your day to day life.

if you are a yes,

We can't talk our way out, we have to show our system it is safe through the felt sense experience.

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October 5th: Welcome Call

October 7th: Understanding The Nervous System

October 12th: Diving into the Soma + Q&A

October 14th: Closing Integration

Live Calls will be at 7pm EST, 4 pm PDT,  1pm HST

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Pay in Full

Payment plan


4 Live Calls covering the foundations of the nervous system by zoom transmissions which includes partner and group exercises & somatic and embodiment practices which will give you the felt sense of the material so it will land deeper into your body and in your day to day life.

2.5 hour long calls. That's 10 hours total. These will be recorded and available for replay for lifetime access. On the calls you will be able to ask questions and share intimately to get to know each other in a deeper and more authentic way.

PLUS 1  Q&A, there will be one optional 30 min Q&A after call 3 where you can stay after and ask any questions you have about the material we have covered so far.

​A Toolkit of Pre-recorded content including 10 self and co regulation exercises, 4 guided somatic mediations as well as spotify playlists to support the nervous system.

Connection Portal: Discord is an amazing app that we will use to connect with each other for partner practices, private messages, group chats etc. This will be the place to share authentically, to be witnessed in your vulnerability and to ask any questions in between the live calls. This is how we can get to know each other better and inspire each other along the way.

This is the first time offering this course, if you would like to read testimonials from Anaia's signature course, ALL THE LAYERS, please click here

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