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The Deep Womb Immersion

The Deep Womb is the thread to awakening our Feminine Embodiment. 

When we allow the intelligence of the Earth to speak through the body, womb & heart we arrive more fully into the core of who we are. 


Our bodies are mirrors of the earth.


The more we drop down and create space to breathe life into our wombs the more Embodied we become as the Earth is able to breathe more of her spirit into us in return.


This remembrance and connection is everything.

The Deep Womb is something many have forgotten in our western world. It has been lost through the ages of the patriarchy. Many have tried to completely vanish this frequency, to cast away any memory of its alluring & unknown nature. The thing is, The Deep Womb can never be destroyed. Temporarily forgotten yes, but never gone for good.

For thousands of years it has been hidden in the dark crevasses of our being, it has been so close to us but not able to be fully accessed.


Now we are in a time where she is awakening as the world has been longing to touch and embody her essence once again.

When we reform our connection to the earth our lives will completely shift.

Our bodies are made of
stardust and soil, of water and fire, of earth and air.

The fact we have forgotten this is what has caused the spell of separation to continue for so long.

When we step out of the way of our minds and drop deeper into The Gaia Level of Awareness, we tap into a different current than how our habitual level of thinking tends to operate day to day.

This is the deep feminine alchemy.

This is what is needed right now.

The magick is already inside of you,

Are you ready to drop down?

Together we will explore the core teachings of The Deep Womb .

The pillars of The Deep Womb are based on our intimate connection to the Earth, the Elements, the Womb, the Somatic Body, the Nervous System & the Subtle Realms.

The curriculum's primary focus is on Self Sourcing, Self Regulating, Attunement & Coherency.


All of the teachings, tools and practices are specifically designed for you to embody more of your wholeness within and without through trauma informed mentoring, priestess temple arts and embodiment practices.

We will ...

Explore your connection to your physical womb space & how to anchor your womb back into the Earth


 Explore how clearing work is a foundational tool for self sourcing


Explore how sound, specifically your own voice is one of the most powerful tools to use to clear and awaken the womb voice. 

Go back into your gestation when you were in the womb of your mother to receive new insights and understandings of how you came into this world & how this plays a significant role in your every day life. 

Learn how to listen to your nervous system, somatic body & psyche and go at the pace of your most fragile self to honor all parts of you.

Explore your Elemental Embodiment & what happens when we create a conscious connection to the elemental realms.

Learn how to access the liminal space of creation to support you in birthing your

service into the world. 

Learn how to attune more deeply to your body temple.

Explore your attachment styles and how these play a huge role in all of your relationships.

Learn how to drop down into The Gaia Level of Awareness, the subtle realms,

& attune to the rhythm of your body, womb, heart, mind & soul.


Through working with The Deep Womb  you will learn how to re-connect to your body in a gentle, slow & loving way. The feminine is the guide and she is in no rush.  As the feminine descends deeper and deeper into the body it is very important to allow space for things to integrate and digest. This allows a new embodied understanding to root in & a descending of gnosis to come online in a more grounded & sustainable way.

These practices are ancient and come from the Earth.

They already live inside of you,

Are you ready to remember?

The Deep Womb Immersion

Begins with the New Moon energy on September 15th

Ends October 22nd

6 Weeks of The Deep Womb Teachings

Each week you will receive two modules from The foundational Teachings of The Deep Womb by live zoom transmissions which include practices, guided shamanic deep womb journey's, ceremony's & more.

You do NOT have to be live every day for this immersion!

This is created for EVERYONE. It is flexible so anyone can join and if you can show up live, awesome, if not, you have it for life and can do it at your own pace!

Honestly, just having the tool kit for The Deep Womb is so worth it. It is still rare to see things like this being offered. This material is so needed in the world right now & I wish I had access to tools and information like this years ago.

The days we meet live will be 2 to 2.5 hours long & will be recorded and available for replay for lifetime access. On the calls you will be able to ask questions and share intimately to get to know each other in a deeper way.

Live Calls will be at 7pm EST, 4pm PDT, 19m HST,  

*Since women will be coming from all over the world with a wide range of time zones we are going to do our best to accommodate everyone. Depending on where the final group of women are located the times might be subject to minor adjustments.

Guest Teachers

Two incredible guest Teachers will join us to offer their deeply embodied and authentic medicine and wisdom throughout this journey. Grandmother Kaariina Natalie Saarinen & my dear sister Lillian Love.

Facebook Group

This will be the space for us to be as authentic as possible, to share about our experiences and to be witnessed in our vulnerability. This is how we can all get to know each other better throughout the journey and inspire each other along the way.


Receive the Rose Heart Awakening Breast Massage Immersion for FREE $99 Value

+ 3 extra pre-recorded guided shamanic womb journey's from my offering E M B O D Y $133 Value


If you sign up before August 15th you will be entered into a drawing to win either a Rose Quartz Egg or Wand (You choose!) $144 Value

Course Curriculum 

Class 1

Opening Ceremony Elemental Ritual

Class 2

Nervous System Co-Regulation & Tracking the Somatic Body

Class 3

Womb of Life

Going back into Gestation

Class 4

Attachment Styles & Developmental Trauma


Class 5

Core Wounds & Inner Child Healing

Class 6

Womb Clearing, Conscious Celibacy & The Womb Voice

Class 7

Sacred Blood; Cyclical Nature of Woman

Class 8

Elemental Embodiment

Body Temple Attunement

Class 9

Gaia Level of Awareness & the Liminal Space of Creation

Class 10

Self Sourcing,

Cultivating Kundalini & Shakti.

Yoni Egg & Wand Practice

Class 11

Closing Ceremony Celebration


Energy Investment


Pay in Full


& save $500

3 Payments   


Full Cost

Add 2    private    Deep Womb   Sessions   + $400

*Only 2 spaces available

You are receiving more than 40hrs of Live teachings, transmissions, practices, journey's & ceremony's from myself and the incredible guest teachers.


You are going to be part of a deep and authentic container. We will be creating a womb nervous system together. It is so important to keep the energy coherent to be able to deeply attune to one another. It is my prayer that each woman feels completely heard, seen & held throughout this journey.

Discounts available for POC, members of marginalized groups, and those impacted by sociocultural or government oppression. Please reach out to me directly with requests.

Part of the profits of this course will go directly to local BIPOC communities. 


It is my deepest honor to share The Deep Womb Teachings at this time on Earth.

These practices have literally shaped who I am and have brought me back home to my self in ways words can never truly articulate.

The Earth always been my deepest teacher & number one guide.

She whispers in her gentle ways reminding me how to love myself more.

She re-connected me to my Womb, to my body & to my Soul.

The love story has only grown stronger, deeper, more grounded and embodied than ever before

& I am so excited to embark upon this journey with you on your return home.

You are an Elemental Being. You are one with Nature. Her body is an extension of your body.

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