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Meeting the Body: An Online Somatic Group Exploration 

We heal from the inside out.

The body is the doorway into the present moment and into your direct experience. When you access what is truly happening in present time with curiosity and create space to slow down, you give yourself the opportunity to meet the sensations, emotions, protection, hurt and frozen parts with deep attunement and care. Doing this allows your history to organize itself where it isn’t the one leading your life so you return to being the operator of your experience and your nervous system.

Your awareness is everything.

Through this somatic group exploration you will be guided to slowly bring your awareness to the parts that have been forgotten so they can be met with empathy, love and care and be seen and held back into wholeness not only with your presence but with the presence, attention and care from the entire group.


Inspired by Ray Castellino’s Teachings, NARM and Parts work, this is a small group somatic exploration where we will create a collective nervous system and group field together. Each person will have their own turn and will be a witness and a possible participant (with mutual consent) in other people’s turns.

Meeting the Body
Somatic Group Exploration

Begins January 25th

Only 4 spots


Jan 25th: Welcome call

Feb 1st: Session ( 2 turns)

Feb 8th: Session (2 turns)

Feb 15th: Integration

Register below:


Sessions will be at 1pm eastern and will either be 90 or 2 hours depending on how many people sign up

Come explore this powerful yet gentle group process with us!


If you have any questions, send me an email or a DM on social media!

Deep breaths and so much love,


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