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Are you aware that every single person you have ever exchanged sexual energy with..

Are you aware that every single person you have ever exchanged s3xual energy with has left an imprint in your womb?

The womb is our creation center, the depth of the subconscious mind and our seat of intuition and power.

It is so important to consistently clear out old & stagnant energy from the womb space.

This goes for men too! You have an energetic womb space called the Dan Tien or Hara and it is just as important for you to clear your Hara from s3xual imprints.

If we don’t clear out our wombs the clutter builds and it is very likely to be tangled with others subconscious imprints, psychic debris & emotional turmoil that has stayed stored in the energetic body and auric field.

This can prevent us from being able to manifest and create, being clear in our boundaries with what feels like a yes or no, expressing our truth and emotions, and having an aligned partner come into your life.

The womb is a portal to the Divine and a direct connection to Source, the Cosmic Womb of Creation and the Womb of Gaia.

When the womb is cluttered the voice of your womb is harder to hear which in turn makes it more challenging to embody deeper states of joy and ecstasy.

It is incredibly powerful to give your womb/Hara space to breathe and to clear out old debris which can lead to more creativity, orgasmic states of consciousness, birthing new projects, deeper self love and magnetizing an aligned partner.

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