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Best Dance of my Life

I had the best dance of my entire life today at ecstatic dance... With myself💗

As a remix to Ludovico’s brilliant piano music began to play

I stepped out to the side where I had space to really let go

And something profound took over me

This has happened before but today reached a whole new octave

The Divine completely penetrated every cell of my being

I felt all of Creation moving through me

I became One with Source

My hands were uncontrollably shaking from so much life force

I was laughing & crying from feeling so much joy

I needed nothing else in that moment

There was absolutely no lack in my field

I was completely and utterly fulfilled

With myself and the Beloved within my own Heart

Ohhhhhhh, dear goddess there was no separate parts

It was so exquisitely beautiful

I pray for every person in this world to have an experience of feeling that whole and full


I am feeling such immense gratitude for this life & so blessed to be playing in this lucid dream with each of you.

It just keeps getting better and better🦋

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