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Conscious celibacy has completely transformed my life

The 5 main gems it has revealed so far

Clearing psychic & emotional debris from my womb & yoni, giving her space to release & integrate has been incredibly healing. I feel such a deepening in my Self & a stronger connection to my womb & therefore my embodied feminine power & life force energy.

How to Self source better and utilizing Earths energy & the elements in a more conscious way. Consciously putting my womb on the earth every day. Breathing into, with and through her. Giving her all that no longer serves and opening to the Divine to fill me with the crystalline love of remembrance and wholeness.

Clearer Boundaries. Knowing what’s a full yes or a no & taking space to pause and feel if there is confusion and uncertainty arising. Having a stronger sense of self.

Finding other avenues of connection through contact dance, somatic body exploration, Shibari, cuddling, orgasmic eating, nature bliss, eye gazing, authentic relating, meditating, & connecting and opening my heart and allowing myself to be seen in pure presence is truly the depth of connection I long for & is so utterly fulfilling! It doesn’t need to go into physical intimacy and if it does it’s because it is coming from an overflowing chalice of love.. not from a place of neediness and lack.

Feeling more orgasmic states of consciousness & joy than ever before. Clearing the womb of the muddled energy has opened my body in ways I never knew were possible. I can feel myself more, I love myself more & I feel more safe to be who I am which allows me to open to more expanded states of ecstasy while simultaneously grounding that energy deep into my body & the earth. Being fully here. Fully present. Fully alive. Loving my body & saying yes to life & ALL that comes with it!

If you’re not ready for conscious celibacy an amazing place to start is with womb Clearing.

If you’ve never done it before, I recommend it immensely as I have a strong sense it will begin to create beautiful shifts in your life!

If you are interested in a guided ceremonial video on Womb Clearing click the link below or schedule a 1:1 to dive deeper

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