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Core Wound

I am having one of the biggest core wounds of my life arise

My linear mind can’t even begin to comprehend

The schism of pain that I am feeling within.

It is taking me to a whole new octave

Of surrender, trust, and self love.

Reminding me to let go

and align with the divine guidance from above.

The level of humility

that is arising inside of me

Is such a beautiful journey

To begin to really see

The mirror of myself through others ever more clearly.

I am reminded to have deeper compassion for the unique shadows each soul is going through

And let go of my expectations that only lead to pain and suffering, instead of a breakthrough

The Phoenix is cawing

Asking me to ride through the fires of transmutation and re-birth

To retrieve the aspect of my soul from long ago that forgot its innate worth.

It has been a long time

Since I have been scared to see

The shadow that is inside of me

Instead of going within,

I get angry and defensive

And extremely offensive

Which tells me that this is a huge piece

And that this wound is ready to be embraced, loved, and released.

So I call on the waters to purify my body, mind, and soul

To help me let go of trying to be in control

I call on the angels to wrap me in their wings of light

As they gently sing “My child, you are innocent & loved, just surrender; let go of the fight”

I call on the violet flame to burn through what no longer serves

So I can call in what it is that I truly deserve

I call on the masters and ascended beings

Who are always available, present, and overseeing.

I trust in everything

I trust in it all

I embrace the pain

I embrace the confusion

I let go of having to understand it all

And allow myself to move into the ecstatic grief

That transforms the pain into pleasure

And provides the relief.

I choose to traverse this wound with love and strength

No matter the duration and length

I open myself to the highest healing

Knowing these are precious gems of wisdom it is revealing.

I trust in process

I surrender

I let go

I lay it all on the altar of the One Heart

One Mind

& One Soul

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