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corona virus

I have held off on writing a post about the corona virus because I’ve needed my own time to feel, to dive in and to find my truth in it all. So many people have so many ideas, conspiracies and opinions & honestly none of that fully lands for me because ultimately I don’t know & I am not going to pretend to. We are in unprecedented times of history. All who are alive right now have never seen anything like it before. There is a lot of confusion, fear and grief that is pervading through the collective as well as hope, beauty and trust. It’s immense. There is no down playing this, no spiritual bypassing it, no pretending it’s not real. It’s real & it’s happening. What I do feel that I can say is that the Earth is taking a sacred pause. She is resting, breathing new life and healing. Her canals are clear. You can see fish again that once were hidden underneath the dirty water. The dolphins are coming closer in Italy. The smog of pollution is gone over china. Nature has been my number one guide. She has brought me back home to my self more than anything else. She has held me in my deepest pain and ecstatic bliss and been with me every step of the way. Reforming my connection to the earth has completely shifted my life. Being so intimately connected with the elements has opened my world to things that seemed only possible in a lucid dream. Our bodies are made of stardust and soil, of water and fire, of earth and air. The fact we have forgotten this is what has caused the spell of separation to continue for so long. Our planet has been needing this for a long time and based off how things were going, it didn’t seem like we were going to do anything about it anytime soon. It is our responsibility as children of this earth to live in accordance and harmony with her. Nature is always giving and receiving. She is pure love. The more we go into the forests, jungles and oceans, drink her waters, and eat from the earth, we will remember this. We have been living in the times of the patriarchy and masculine for so long. Constantly doing, consuming, trying to do it all alone, and living in disconnect with one another and most importantly with pacha mama. This is not sustainable. We have drilled into our precious earth extracting gold & oil for money. We have polluted her waters that are vital for life on this planet. We have cut down the life force of the lungs of the Earth in the Amazon and many other places in the world. We have ignored the signs from the fires, floods and volcanos. She has been speaking, asking us to come home to her embrace, asking us to remember our interconnectedness with the elements & all of life. Anyone who has a deep relationship to Gaia & has been listening has known something like this would need to happen in order to help our consciousness awaken. I remember reading about 2020 three years ago and seeing what was happening astrologically and knowing something big was going to go down. I just didn’t know what. Many thought world war 3 was going to begin at the beginning of this year and instead of bombs, guns and more division, we have been offered a different way, through something that is completely invisible, unseen to the eye, that is creating the entire nation to come together instead of divide. I don’t know about you but that feels utterly profound & I want to be clear, that does not take away from the realness of this virus and the lives loss. People are loosing loved ones, parents, grandparents, siblings and even children. That is real. That is not to be bypassed & made light of. The deep feminine is becoming unveiled during this time. We are in the death phase which can be very scary, even to the ones who know it well. The mystery is right in front us.. there is no denying it with our normal routines and busy lives that were all of a sudden halted to a stop. We are being asked to slow down, to turn with-yin & to listen. Any place where we thought we were in control has been abruptly replaced with the certainty that we never really were. I don’t know about you, but control makes me feel safe & I am having to face that right now and surrender to life & learn how to trust deeper than ever before. I am also having to face old traumas that this is bringing up. Times like these unearth what is already inside of us. I have had some old fears arise that have needed my attention and love. Thankfully I have learned many tools to support me. Some of my go tos are inner child healing, somatic & regulation tools, tapping, embodiment practices, self pleasure, womb healing, nature, breathwork etc. I am creating a routine for myself to help have some sense of normalcy during these wild times. Honestly, it isn’t much different than my usual lifestyle except I can’t go to gatherings, dance, yoga and my pole and Ariel classes. Each day I wake up, do my morning practice, dance, I make a yummy breakfast, I work which I am fortunate some of my business is already online, I make a delicious lunch, I lay on the Earth, I swim in the pool, I get in the sauna and pray. I have been praying every day during my self quarantine because that is what Spirit is telling me to do. It helps me to connect deeper to myself, the planet, the collective and surrender to what is happening. The prayer that feels the most aligned for me right now is “Let us pray for that which is most right”.. because ultimately I don’t know what is right, I don’t know what the bigger picture is but I can pray for things to be in right relationship. Which leads me to a surrendered place of deep trust for whatever happens. Often times we pray and get confused when it doesn’t turn out how we want it to be, which is usually a blessing in disguise. I have learned the universe is always working in my favor even if I don’t understand it at the time. I also pray for all of my friends and family to be protected, I pray for the elements and the earth, I pray to all of my angels and guides. I sing, I tune in, I breathe deep. I will continue to pray everyday because it connects me to my soul and this world has forgotten soul, it has forgotten our connection to the Earth and the Divine & that is exactly what the world needs most, to remember the soul that moves through each and everyone of us. At the end of last year I came to the realization that all I want is to live in accordance and harmony with the earth, grow food, have access to spring water and live in a nourishing and supportive self sufficient community. I’ve been calling it the remembrance of simplicity. I have clearly come to understand that this is how my system functions best. Being so sensitive this world has never felt supportive for me, I felt so alone until I started to find my soul family. The longing for simplicity has amplified times a million after all of this. I will be taking action once this has settled down to begin to build more infrastructure for the New Earth to flourish. May we all continue to stay in connection through this time of isolation. Check on your loved ones, check on neighbors, if you need support ask for it. We are in wild times. Deep breaths. We got this. Sending you all waves of regulation and love, ~Anaia

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