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Come Beloved ones

Come beloved ones,


Drink from the chalice of communion

From the vessel of truth

Drink away your fears

And enter into the temple of eternal youth

The temple of ecstatic bliss and radiance

Come beloved ones,

Sip the golden nectar of this sweet infinite dance

Let it move

and soak

inside of you

Lighting up all of your cells

So that they remember

The holiness that is you

Drink precious ones,

From the elixir of divine remembrance

Where all dualities dissolve

And the only thing that remains

Is how the heart constantly evolves

Into the memories of gnosis

Into the alchemy of osmosis

When the diffusion of molecules

From high and low

Becomes equal

And the Divine overflows

And continues its sequel

Of birthing forth the story of creation again and again

The spiral dance of life’s radiance that is in its ever weaving spin

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