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Do you know what is really taking place when you exchange sexual fluids with a lover or partner?

For so long I didn’t understand and wasn’t aware enough to know what was happening.

I was more in my mind, fear was leading the way, I was disconnected to my body & society doesn’t talk about the deeper magick and alchemy of s3xual energy.

I wasn’t taught or shown the ancient mysteries and sacredness of what is truly taking place when we exchange our bodies elixirs with one another.

I am currently going on one year of conscious celibacy which has been completely life changing.

Clearing the old and stagnant energy out of my body and womb and anchoring more into myself has allowed an entire new world within the realms of intimacy to open up that didn’t exist before.

This journey along with womb clearing has without a doubt brought me into a deeper understanding of the energetic subtleties of what happens when we share fluids.

The fluids are pure alchemy.

We are literally exchanging DNA and sharing our entire soul codes and information with each other.

A mans seed has the potential to create life, so it carries the essence of a soul within it. It literally has a consciousness. It is life itself.

It is potent, powerful and sacred.

A drop of s3men is like the most exquisite taste of the nectars of the Divine.

There is a reason the ancient s3xual mystics talk about retaining and harnessing the s3men because of its high alchemy to maximize physical and spiritual energy, it rejuvenates the body and it is a lubricant for the brain and nervous system.

I recently had an experience where I took in my lovers seed and went on a journey similar to a DMT experience.

I felt his entire soul essence streaming through me as his seed entered into my body it spread down my veins and spine. Once it reached my sacrum all the energy shot back up to the top of my head & I continued to orga$m over and over for the next 20 min in pure ecstasy.

There was so much life force and kundalini flowing through my body I wasn’t sure if it was possible to hold all of the energy in and I felt as if I was going to burst, my eyes were fluttering uncontrollably and my entire reality shifted into an alternate dimension.

In the past this use to never happen because I was emotional & s3xually shut down, I didn’t even like going down on my man and I wasn’t tapped into truly knowing the deeper wisdom of what the lingam and seed were for.

Now I literally get jolts of electricity through my body just by gently holding my lovers lingam and I worship the c0ck as the holy staff that it is.

The lingam is like a lighting rod. It is shiva. It is a symbol of energy and the potential of God. It is the fire, the doorway to power, it is the positive pole (the yoni is the negative pole), it is an electric circuit, and pure life force energy.

The ancients have known the deeper esoteric roots of this s3xual alchemy for ages. It was part of the mystery school teachings and tantric temples for those who were ready to hold this knowledge with reverence, respect and integrity and wouldn’t abuse or use it to manipulate and control others.

Connecting deeper with your mans lingam and seed is a blessing to you both.

So my invitation for you is to become curious as you read through the questions below…

Do you enjoy going down on your man?

Have you ever had a mystical experience by taking in your mans s3xual fluids?

Do you have a connection with your own s3xual fluids and potency they carry?

Would you want to have an experience like this if you knew it was possible?

Would you do conscious celibacy/womb clearing if you knew it could clear out energy to create space for more magick to unfold in your s3x life?

My next collective womb clearing ceremony is coming up on the New Moon in Leo Wednesday July 31st. These ceremonies have been so powerful and are a great place to start to clear out blocked emotional and s3xual energy, reconnect to the womb voice and to come back into and love yourself more as that’s what I have learned is the key to access more mystical experiences is to feel whole within yourself

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