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Beautiful Women,

There is so much going on in the world right now. This can be a scary and uncertain time. I don't know about you but I have experienced so many different waves of emotions. Of course, this is something women are familiar with as we are use to exploring the vast depth of feelings, but right now your nervous systems may be a bit more heightened with fear, grief, confusion and anxiety which makes so much sense given everything that is happening.

One of the best ways I have found to express whatever it is that I am experiencing is through movement, sound and breath. The deep feminine alchemy is what works best for me.

I held a small circle with close sisters last week and offered this embodiment practice to the group and it was so nourishing & magickal..

& I would love to invite you to come move, sound, breathe and weave your alchemy with me.

E M B O D Y - A 7 Day Expressive Embodiment Experience

We will gather together each day for 7 days straight on zoom video to ground in together and do an embodied sharing practice to support one another during these times.

You will be invited to express your truth as it is moving through you in that moment with sound, breath, movement, and story telling and be witnessed by the group.

This is a embodied story telling experience.

There is no wrong way to do this practice.

Each day you may be experiencing something different, whether its pain or pleasure, grief or joy, raw and tender, sad and confused, ecstatic and alive... come with whatever is alive inside of you & know all of you is welcome here.

Show up with whatever is moving through you. Express your truth & be lovingly held and witnessed by the group.

It can be vulnerable to be witnessed. I know the first time I did this I was so nervous but that quickly melted away as I dropped deeper into my body, into the current of the feminine and put my thoughts to the side.

There is something so powerful when we are witnessed by one another.

I have experienced some of the deepest and most profound states of consciousness by simply being witnessed in my purest expression as it is moving through.

This practice is intimately connected to the Earth. We are allowing the intelligence of the Earth to speak through our body, womb and heart.

Our bodies are an extension of Pacha Mama. This remembrance and connection is vital.

Nature has been my number one guide. She has brought me back home to my self more than anything else. She has held me in my deepest pain and ecstatic bliss and been with me with every breath I take.

Reforming my connection to the earth has completely shifted my life.

Our bodies are made of stardust and soil, of water and fire, of earth and air.

The fact we have forgotten this is what has caused the spell of separation to continue for so long.

When we step out of the way of our minds and drop deeper into the Gaia level of awareness, we tap into a different medicine and current than how our habitual level of thinking tends to operate day to day.

This is the deep feminine alchemy.

This is what is needed right now.

Come move & express yourself with me.


A 7 Day Expressive Embodiment Experience

Only 10 spaces available

Begins: April 1st

Ends: Full Moon April 7th

Every Day from 2pm - 4pm Eastern

Zoom Video

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