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As I know many of us are experiencing, we are entering into an entirely new dimension of empathic psychic abilities.

& honestly, for me it's been a bit overwhelming...

My field wasn't prepared for it and I was getting lost in a sea of energies that didn't belong to me.

As soon as I moved into my new home, I did a juice fast + parasite cleanse/enemas every day and didn't leave my space for almost 2 weeks (unless I had to run a quick errand).

And woah...

I came back to my Self, into my center, into my core..

All the stickiness, thoughts, and energies that had absorbed into my field disappeared and I could truly feel ME again.

It was shocking how much was streaming through that wasn't mine and I was tangibly able to see this once I didn't leave my space and how it all dissolved.

It was like breathing the most crystalline pure fresh air again and remembering who I was.

This new level is helping me understand energy in an entirely new way and I am being shown how to keep my body temple pristinely pure and clean.

It is so important to learn how to protect ourselves when we are so sensitive. I would love to share the things that have been helping me that may be useful for you...

I have been washing my hands and feet every time I come home.

Saging multiple times a day

Sweeping my home 2 + times a day

Showering every day (sometimes 2 or 3 times)

Before entering into a group field whether it is at a gathering or a restaurant I have been creating a protection field around me and visualizing vortexes spiraling out in every direction that keep all unwanted energies from even touching my auric field

I have been wrapping an exquisite golden dragon egg around my aura

When I notice others aren’t communicating authentically what is happening for them when we are connecting, I have been reaching out and asking.. otherwise I can feel it in my field and it doesn’t feel good and I don’t want any open loops so I inquire to allow the energy to move.

Eating super clean high vibe food (Mostly fruits & juices)

May we all navigate these waves of evolution with the most grace and ease possible!

Sending you all so much love

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