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expand and contract

We go through waves of expansion and contraction that are completely normal.



When Love catapults you into a new level that you have never experienced before it can feel scary, incredible, exciting, and magickal! You may want to stay here forever.

But holding onto that feeling is a fantasy.

Each time we expand past our preconceived notions of love we are taken deeper into our shadow and the places that are out of alignment with this new frequency.

There’s really no getting around this as it is part of the alchemical process.

We get attached to the high and the yummy feelings of love and then resist the challenging, shadow parts that arise after the expansion.

All of this is part of evolving & awakening.

How can you choose to embrace the contraction with more love, care, and gentleness? & know that it is a gift after you expand to be able to see these deeper pieces that have always been there but are now coming to the surface to be loved & embraced with deeper care.

-Anaia Sundara .

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