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Free Bleeding = Deep Healing

I am on my sacred moon time and I felt called to write this post

A year and a half ago my body began to communicate that it didn't want the menstrual cup inside of it anymore. Each time I would try to insert it, my yoni would literally reject it! At first part of me was resistant because I liked the way the cup made it easy to offer my blood to the earth butI knew I absolutely could not use it anymore! I learned I can still offer my blood from free bleeding because I am so in tune with my body I can feel when it is about to release a big flow and I will walk outside and squat in the grass and offer my blood directly from my body to the Earth. It’s even more magickal!

I started to dive into shamanic and conscious menstruation and began free bleeding during my menstrual cycles which HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING AND SO DEEPLY HEALING.

Free bleeding is when you don't block or collect the period flow. This is an ancient practice that has been forgotten about because of the patriarchy shaming woman's moon time and blood as dirty and evil. If you still feel shame or embarrassed around your menstrual cycle then I suggest to try this practice.

1. It can help connect you deeper to your body.

Being able to witness the way our bodies work is an incredible gift. I remember the first time I switched from tampons to the cup.. I didn't even realize how much of a blood flow there was because the tampons always absorbed it! It was an ah ha moment that connected me deeper to the wisdom of my body temple.

It can help you know your body on a more intimate level which allows you to keep better track of each phase and cycle you are in. It is very important to know when we are ovulating or about to menstruate because our hormone levels can change and it is helpful to be prepared and know what you need during each phase.

It is also very important to be able to see the consistency of your blood. Is it clotted? Thick? Watery? Etc. Our bodies are always communicating and telling us what is going on internally. When we use tampons we don’t know what is actually happening during our moon time.

2. Heals Cramps and Ancestral Trauma

Seriously this is HUGE! Not having anything inside our yoni's or using pads to collect the blood flow tremendously helps with cramps, PCOS, PMS, and PMDD.

I use to have PCOS (I don't anymore) and I experience different variations each month of PMDD. I can testify that free bleeding is one major key to help heal both of these disorders! I also know it can help with many others as well from other women's stories.

When our blood can flow naturally and completely uninhabited it heals lifetimes of ancestral karma, lineage imprints, and current lifetime trauma that has been held in the womb, ovaries, and pelvic floor for centuries.

I remember the first time I truly let it flow all the way down to the Earth while I was hiking. I wore a black skirt so you couldn't tell if blood got on it and I let it flow and flow and flow... It was one of the most connected I have ever felt to my body, the Earth, and my moon time in my life! It felt immensely healing in ways I can't even put into words.

Free Bleeding truly heals at a cellular level. My womb feels like it can relax and surrender to the pull of gravity. I use to not realize how tight I would hold my pelvic floor until I started to release it through free bleeding and the somatic movement practice I facilitate called Embodied Divinity.

Honestly I feel our blood represents the trauma in our wombs and the more we heal and release the trauma the less we will bleed and the less pain we will experience physically and psychologically.

Eating pure and tending to our body temples is also a huge key to this deep healing.

3. It Helps the Planet

Yes, you can also help save the planet by not purchasing products that are not environmentally friendly. Pads and tampons are made with tons of chemicals which is completely ridiculous to think you are putting chemicals in your yoni and it is also obviously not good for the planet.

If you have always used tampons, pads, cups, I HIGHLY recommend to try free bleeding at least for the first full day of your cycle!

So you may have questions on how to free bleed....

1. Buy a venus mat or something like it to sit on and carry with you around your home. You can also use this for self pleasure and intimacy with a beloved.

2. Wear a skirt to allow the blood to flow naturally. I like to wear black so you can't see the blood. Yes, I will go out like this and no one has ever been able to tell I have blood all over me!😉

3. Bring a smaller black scarf or something like it when you are out in public and need to sit down. The blood will go through the skirt so you don't want to bleed on a chair etc

4. Have moon time sheets that can get blood on them that you use each month

5. Have a moon time towel when it drips on the floor

If you have any other questions, reach out!

I know many women work and may not feel comfortable feee bleeding when they aren’t at home. I recommend to do it even for an hour if you are able to in the evenings. Also, if you do have to go out and about and don’t feel like free bleeding it is best to use recyclable pads!

Enjoy free bleeding ladies, your wombs will be so happy!

Sending you all sacred full moon blessings!

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