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This is something I will continue to write about and share because I truly feel it is one of the main keys to healing many of the issues women are currently experiencing in their wombs.

Free bleeding is when you don't block or collect the period flow. This is an ancient practice that has been forgotten about because of the patriarchy shaming woman's moon time and seeing the blood as dirty and evil which is absolutely not true. It is time for us to reclaim the origins and sacredness of this holy fluid.

I have written before how my body began to reject the cup a couple of years ago and it guided me to begin free bleeding. The only time I wear a cup now is if I am on my moon and want to go to ecstatic dance because it is more comfortable for me to be able to dance freely without leaking. Last Sunday was the first day of my moon and as soon as I got home from dance I immediately took the cup out and sighed with so much relief as I could feel my entire pelvic chalice, yoni and womb melt back into relaxation once it was no longer inside of me.

Some women say they like the cup because it is easy to collect the blood and offer it back to the Earth but once you start free bleeding you will become more in tune and connected to your body and will most likely be able to notice before a big flow of blood drops. I can now sense when the blood is about to come and I will grab a cup or go outside and squat over the earth and let the blood flow directly out.

I also have moon time sheets and carry a beautiful sacred moon time mat around with me wherever I go that I can bleed on so there is no worry about getting it on anything except my legs which I love!

When we flow freely we open ourselves to the kundalini life force and feminine shakti that unlocks and heals the ancestral trauma that has been held in the womb, ovaries, and pelvic floor for centuries and threaded in the DNA.

Free Bleeding truly heals at a cellular level. My womb feels like it can relax and surrender to the pull of gravity. Gravity is the feminine, Gaia is pulling us down into her awareness and when we are bleeding we are shedding the ancient memories back into the Earth. I use to not realize how tight I would hold my pelvic floor until I started to release it through free bleeding as well as somatic movement practices.

Honestly I feel our blood represents the trauma in our wombs and the more we heal and release the trauma the less we will bleed and the less pain we will experience physically and psychologically. When I first got my moon it would last for over a week & now it lasts 3 days.

I remember the first time I truly let it flow all the way down to the Earth while I was walking deep into Gaia in the fairy lands of the Appalachia mountains. I wore a black skirt so you couldn't tell if blood got on it and I let it flow and flow and flow. I watched as the blood dripped all the way down my leg and onto the rock below me. It felt as if the blood was sending messages of information into the rock and I felt more connected than I ever had before to my body, the Earth, and my blood. It felt immensely healing in ways I can't even put into words.

It has been one of the most healing and magickal practices and I truly feel our wombs want to be able to fully breath and have the space to release without anything in the way.

If you still feel shame or embarrassed around your menstrual cycle or experience any pain physically or psychologically then I highly suggest to try free bleeding.

Reach out if you have any questions. I’m happy to share any information that can help you start this powerful and sacred practice!

Sending your sacred womb space so much love



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