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Full Moon in Aries

As we approach the full moon tomorrow I felt called to share this post...

Over the years I have seen people share about how the Moon is an evil force.

When I first saw this a couple of years ago I felt confused and I did some research about it. I asked some people what they felt and I tuned in to what my truth was around it.

Recently I have been seeing posts circulating around again with many people who I love easily leaning towards the “idea” that the moon is evil. I have also seen how women are starting to worship the sun and do solar events instead of full moon events.

Before I go into my perception please remember this is my personal embodied truth. I am not trying to change or say the other is wrong, my intention is to bring light to how easily others can be influenced and I want to encourage you to tune into your body wisdom and find what feels true to you. I desire to share my perspective for those who are confused or get easily persuaded by others strong opinions.

Since ancient times the moon has been associated with the feminine, intuition and the deep inner psyche and subconcious

In astrology the moon represents our emotions and our sense of feeling home.

It is a reflection of our inner world and unconscious.

The moon ILLUMINATES the shadow.

It is a mirror.

It’s alchemy reflects our darkness.

It pulls on the tides and effects the waters of the earth

Our bodies are made of mostly water so it also tugs on our emotions and brings them to the light to be seen

The word lunatic derives from luna which means moon…

People go wild and crazy on the full moon BECAUSE it is already inside of them…

This is the Deep Feminine

This is the journey into the underworld

This is the void of the Womb that is asking us to go inside and find every dark crevasse and corner within that has yet to be touched with the breath of love

I can see how people would rather project that the moon is evil instead of looking within themselves and taking ownership for their own darkness and I invite you if you think the moon is falsely programming evil into our world to see where you haven’t accepted your shadow and integrated aspects of your psyche that would rather blame something on the outside than truly look within.

I am grateful that she brings the unconscious to the surface.

It is a gift.

It is medicine.

It is needed.

I truly love and adore the moon.

Connecting deeper to her has allowed me to understand the cyclical nature of the Earth as well as the cyclical nature within my own body temple.

It has been deeply healing and powerful in my own life.

Ultimately, I don't know the truth but this is what arose for me when I tuned in about it and felt called to share.

In my experience usually the truth is pure in essence and expressed from a place of deep self inquiry and clarity from within. It doesn't operate from assumptions of the mind.

It is important to not be so easily persuaded by what others think especially when their ideas or assumptions comes with a strong energy of certainty...

I encourage you to find your Embodied truth,

Tune into what feels right for you and listen to what your authentic intelligence is communicating.

May this Full Moon in Aries guide you deeper into your self and illuminate all that needs to be seen, embraced and loved back into wholeness.

Sending you all so much love,


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