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the divine feminine does not exclude the masculine

There is an important topic that arises when doing womb awakening, feminine temple arts, or divine feminine work that I feel is very important to address and clarify.

Womb awakening and the divine feminine does not in any way mean that it excludes the masculine.

In truth, the term feminine means union of feminine and masculine qualities, not just female.

'The genetic blueprint of a human being is what we term feminine which contains within it the potential of twin expressions of masculine and feminine. All babies are gender-neutral for the first 10 weeks, then either the clitoris grows into a lingham, or remains female.' (FOL)

This bi-gendered vibration remembers the wholeness of men and women, & the Womb is an access point that helps to unite and awaken the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves, and with one another.

I feel it is extremely important for us as women who are sharing this work, to not leave out the men and to remember that feminine means wholeness and balance of masculine and feminine within which all humans are striving towards balancing at this time on earth.

The womb is the cauldron of initiation for both men and women and allows us to merge into a unified field of consciousness & divine love.

When primordial union is remembered, the eternal dance of yab-yum, Shiva-Shakti, & Yeshua-Magdalene commences.

We need each other, in balance, in union, and in harmony in order to realize heaven on earth. The times of one being stronger than the other are over as we have seen for thousands and thousands of years that this does not work.

Where can you balance your masculine within? Where can you create more structure, boundaries, focus, clarity, strength, goals, pure power, prosperity, and be a warrior for truth?

Where can you balance your feminine within and be more fluid like water, tapping into your emotional world, expressing emotions with maturity instead of hiding them. Where can you connect with your intuition more? Your Creativity? Be in your fullness? Your natural beauty? Your unique expression?

We can not be a fully awakened humanity without balancing both our masculine and feminine within.

The Womb is the access point.

It is the portal to the remembrance of this union.

This is why I am so passionate about womb awakening and these ancient practices that help restore peace and balance within and without.

My commitment in this life is to bring forth the remembrance of union and the ecstasy of what it feels like to truly live life with a wildly open and free heart!

The Womb is the key.

The Womb is the entrance into the eternal dance of the sacred, of the beloved, of the divine within.

I vow to walk the path of the priestess, the path of the Womb, the path of being in complete and utter devotion to purity, to union, to unconditional love, & to the remembrance of living life as an awakened being.

The Womb is the dance of the beloved

The Womb holds all of creation inside

The Womb is the Holy Grail

The Womb is gnosis

Are you ready to awaken to this ancient remembrance that will ignite your heart into an infinite dance of love making with all of life?

It is time beloved ones

To return to the garden of eden, to our original innocence, and live life in an ecstatic dance of sacred union.

The temple of the Womb is ready for you to enter.

The only questions remains

Is if you will accept this invitation

And be obliterated into who you truly are, which requires you to let go of all the masks and all the energies that are unlike love.

I must admit,

It is a requirement that you have a courageous heart

To enter back into the sanctuary of the Womb.

For she is wild, passionate, sensual, strong, soft, and graceful and will shallow anything that tries to destroy her, which includes your false sense of self and ego.

I trust you are ready dear ones.

I know you have heard the whispers of the Womb, beckoning you to come back home

Back to Love

Back to Union

Back to Peace

Back to Balance

Back to Joy

Back to Truth

Back to Innocence

Back to Yourself

Back to your Heart

Take a moment to connect to your Womb/Hara and begin to make the descent into her velvety black sea of pure consciousness and embodied union where your soul has always remained free.

Abwoon Alaha,


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