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As women in this day and age it can be very challenging to honor the phases of our cycle and give each one the care and attention it deserves.

Especially when it comes to when we are bleeding and truly allowing ourselves to slow down, go yinward and be still during this holy time of release.

It’s important to treat your cycle as a cleanse and as with any cleanse, the body requires rest to rejuvenate. We are releasing all that no longer serves, shedding lifetimes of pain, ancestral trauma and stuck emotions back into Mother Earth. This is a very sacred and deep time of the month that is connected to a metaphorical death and should be honored with the utmost reverence. It is so important to give yourself at least one full day to truly dive into Self Love and care.

Most women in the western world aren’t able to do this even if they desire to.

If you work in a 9-5 job in the corporate world, at a restaurant, retail store or any other job that has managers that don’t understand the natural rhythms and flow of a woman’s cycle it can be challenging to have the time and space your body truly needs. You may feel scared to ask off for these days and if you do ask they may not see you as a valuable asset to their company so you feel you don’t have a choice and have to show up even when you are in pain, having crazy emotions and extra sensitive to sound, energy, smells, light etc. It’s really not the best combination.

Even if you a super busy queen entrepreneur it may be challenging to honor this time of the month and give your body the rest that it needs. I know many women who this is the case for! Even ones that teach about the feminine mysteries have shared with me that they still don’t know how to actually fully surrender and allow themselves to slow down. This is totally natural as we have been conditioned from our action driven world to always go go go and do do do or we aren’t successful and worthy.

It can feel scary to let go and allow yourself to surrender.

When we follow our feminine cycle and listen to the rhythms of each phase we free ourselves from the chains of the patriarchal society that has forgotten the sacredness & preciousness of this gentle time of the month.

When we tune in with our inner rhythms we actually align deeper with our self, our purpose and know our needs in a more empowered way. We let ourselves rest when we need to rest or create when we are overflowing with life force energy. We listen and flow with our natural ways.

We must work with our cycle instead of against it.

We go through 4 phases each month:





They correlate with the seasons





Today I am going to focus on Mensuration/Winter

Winter begins on the first day you bleed which is day one of the cycle.

It starts here and ends here each month🌀

This is the phase of the crone or the wise woman archetype🧝‍♀️

When it’s winter, the trees are shedding (our blood is shedding) it’s cold & dark outside, animals hibernate & we want to be all snuggled up with a warm drink and blankets wrapped around us. We don’t usually feel as active and desire to go out. We are more reflective and internal and desire stillness and rest.

All of this applies to the mensuration phase of your moon time.

This is a heightened time of sensitivity where they say woman are more psychic and connected to the other worlds and in the ancient days the women were the oracles for the villages to bring forth information between the veils and share prophecy with the wisdom council.

This is a time of rest, slowing down, reflection, tuning in, self love and care, being cozy, inward, having space, sensitive, releasing, shedding, letting go, wisdom, heightened sensitivities and creativity.

It’s time to allow our bodies the full surrender they long for, to come home to ourselves and our feminine pathways and bring balance back to a world that has forgotten the lost wisdom of the cyclical ways of living with the Earth, the sun, the moon & the stars.

Questions to stir in the cauldron:

Do you allow yourself to slow down and turn inward while you bleed?

How do you honor your moon time?

Do you track your cycle and feel empowered in your knowing of your natural rhythms?

Sending your sacred womb space so much love,



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