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How much more authentic can you allow yourself to be?

I had a dream before I left Bali where I received a message from the oracle of my soul that said..

“How much more authentic can you allow yourself to be?”

When I woke up I thought “hmm, I’m already pretty authentic & share way more than most people especially in relation to the shadowy parts of my journey that I know are important to bring awareness to”

& I thought “what else could I possibly share that could be more authentic”

I sat with it and let these words infuse into my heart, cells, blood, bones & DNA and continued to inquire deeper into what it was this message was asking of me.

After some time I could see the ways in which I was still hiding. Still not being as real as I could be. Seeing the masks that were in the way or the fear of truly allowing my full experience to be seen.

This message continued to marinate deep into the marrow of my bones for a couple of weeks and during that time layers were shedding, more masks were being revealed, I was paving the way for something new to emerge and then..

Alchemy took place

I started the authentic chronicles which is pretty much an open journal freestyle writing process that I have been sharing the last couple of weeks.

And the results?

My life is completely transforming!

I am Happier

Soul Mate clients are finding me

Abundance is flowing

Deeper connections and new friendships



More Self Love


Shifts in my experience with the challenges I face & how I handle them

So much healing has taken place by allowing myself to be seen. I am loving these parts of myself that I still subtly kept hidden. I am holding them in deeper compassion, care & love & I feel a liberation like never before!

It’s fucking amazing!

I am so grateful to the dream oracle of my soul for delivering this message to me and inviting me to dig deeper into the inner most musings of my self.

And I bow to myself to have the courage to accept this invitation.

The more fully I allow you to see me the more I recognize how I am accepting those parts of myself that I still subtly judged and kept hidden because I wasn’t ready to embrace and love them.

A radical shift is taking place and I am no longer afraid to reveal all of who I am & as I type that I recognize there are still things that feel scary to share and I’m sure once I do it is going to be deeply transformative!

The pain, depression, anxiety, confusion, tears, anger, joy, bliss, beauty, ecstasy, struggle, weaknesses, mental health challenges, traumas, fears, unhealthy patterns, the crazy parts of my psyche + more

What I’ve recognized is the more we lean into our fears and those parts of ourselves that we’ve judged and have been afraid to look at and hold them with unconditional love and acceptance and share them from that place of embodiment, the more they transform into something new and the grip they had isn’t as strong anymore.

I am planning to continue to share the authentic chronicles and reveal deeper parts of my experience to you.

So if they have inspired you stay tuned! There is going to be some more juicy stuff coming up😻

So now my question to all of you is...

How much more authentic can you allow yourself to be?

I would love to hear your responses in the comments if you feel moved and inspired to share!

Ps. In the last week I’ve been noticing a massive collective rise in authentic sharing from a lot of people and it lights my heart up! Keep it up loves. It’s truly changing the world💛

Pss. I also want to add that so many times throughout the years that I have shared parts of my journey with you all has been so overwhelmingly difficult and I experienced immense anxiety, so much self doubt, unworthiness and many break downs along the way... & it’s all been beyond worth it & was a catalyst for deeper self love and growth and allowed space for the abandoned parts of my self to be seen and loved❤️

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