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I am currently going through a deepening around my connection and understanding to the womb

After 6 years of working very intimately with her, I feel that I am just beginning to tap into the her alchemy and essence in a much clearer way & as always there is still so much more to learn.

When we first start to wake up to something new, no matter what it is, there is a naivety that comes with it.At first there is so much excitement because of the resonance, there can tend to be a quickness or fast energy connected to what we are learning, and often times we think we understand way more than we actually do.

There is nothing wrong with this, it is simply part of the journey.

Eventually we must be willing to humble ourselves and ripen and mature if we desire to grow into a more grounded, clear and embodied expression of what we are choosing to share.

There have been so many different waves of my journey with the womb.

I feel I am at another gateway, where the next layer has been unveiled and I am on my knees, bowing to her and what I am beginning to see.

The Womb Field is vast. It is everything. Everywhere we go we are in the womb whether it is in our homes or somewhere in nature. Everything is micro wombs to the macro womb of creation and it is absolutely vital to be in coherency with the womb of life.

How are we in relationship to these micro wombs?

How are we tending to our home?

To our body?

To our physical womb? (or energetic womb for men)

To one another?

To Mother Earth?

When the embryo is growing inside of the womb it is extremely important that the mother gives all of her care and nurturance to the seed to help it grow with as much grace and ease as possible so it can support the child to know that it is safe as it enters into this world.

Our time in the womb and how we enter into this Earth is one of the most important times of our lives.

Most of us did not receive the type of care that we truly needed when we were growing in our mothers womb or during birth so it makes sense that we also do not know how to care for our own bodies, homes, and the earth in the ways that are in harmony and right relationship with all of life as we simply were not taught or demonstrated how to do this.

So how do we begin to live in symbiosis to the womb? to each other? to our own bodies? to the earth?

It is a very crucial question at this time as we are seeing so many veils being lifted and all of the ways the people who are 'in charge' are not looking at things in ways that truly allow homeostasis and balance for all of life and our earth.

How can we have healthy resources and approaches when most humans don't even know how to resource their own nervous systems?

How can we be in right relationship with the earth and one another when so many consistently dishonor their own bodies and boundaries and misuse and manipulate the energy of the womb & the earth?

Our wombs hold everything in them. They remember everything.

We must tend to the our wombs as if they are the most precious gardens growing the nutrients and life force we need to survive because that is exactly what they are. We are always preparing this space to grow the next generation of life whether we choose to have children or not. Our individual wombs are connected to the collective womb field, we each effect the whole.

It is time for us to tend to our wombs with the utmost care and reverence & to come back into our womb sovereignty which does not mean to do everything on your own. Womb sovereignty allows us to come back into balance with the masculine and feminine within so we can be in right relationship with each other. We are biologically wired for connection. We need each other. We can't and aren't meant to do this alone.

In the Womb Clearing Ceremony we will be diving into the places inside that have been needing more tending and care and are ready to be embraced, loved, seen and gently released.

We will do 2 different rituals working with the fire and water (masculine and feminine) to support us on this journey to burn and wash away all that is ready to be let go.

If you are interested in joining click the link in the comments or send me a DM if you have any questions!

"The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life." The 13th Rite of the Munay-Key

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