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I want your human

I want your human

Your raw






I want your truth

Not the covered up ‘pretending’ you’re okay truth

I want your real, authentic, alive & present Truth

It’s time to let go of the masks

They are not needed anymore

You can stop trying to play it ‘cool’

That only creates more separation inside

I long to see and know all of you

When you allow yourself to be seen

I feel more safe and trust in my body

I want to know what you are truly going through

Which includes all of your beauty as well as your pain

Your suffering is sacred

Your tears are holy

Your fear is courageous

I crave your darkness

As well as your light

I want to know who you really are

There are so many layers of depth that undulate behind your eyes

I want to explore those layers

Uncover them piece by piece

I want to taste your holy fire

And let the real you be released

I want all of you

Your human

Your fears

Your crying sobbing tears

Your trauma

Your weakness

All of your uniqueness

Reveal it to me

& always remember

That all of you is welcome here

There is power in your vulnerability

You can be honest about how you really feel

I want to know you from end to end

Leaving no place untouched

So you no longer have to pretend

I beg for you to show me your








Allow this transmission

To give you full permission

To express all of who you are

Because that’s what this world truly craves

Is you bringing forth your unique soul gaze






So I can love every place

That has yet to receive the touch of the Divine Mother’s Grace

I want your human

~Anaia Sundara


This came through yesterday, on the last day of the Attunement Therapy Practitioner Training with these 10 incredible people pictured in the photo.

The last few days were some of the most intense and profoundly beautiful of my life.

I have never been in such a potent and alchemical group container like this before.

To truly be in a space with others who are so highly attuned, empathic & real was the medicine my soul had been longing for for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong.. there was a lot of crunchy & uncomfortable moments that arose between us all & that was what made it even more real and beautiful. It was pure magick the way we were all able to hold, see and support one another to come back into coherency and attunement as a group. We did some deep work individually as well as collectively to bring the shadow to the light and move through it with love.

I viscerally had the felt sense experience of being held and supported in ways I never have before in my life. Completely re-wiring my psyche and the little one inside who believes it doesn’t deserve to be held and loved.

I was able to bring forth my voice and share something that was terrifying to speak to but needed to be shared in order for me to continue to feel safe and stay in the training. I felt that I would be rejected by bringing this forward & the opposite happened. I had two sisters on each side of me and a brother holding me and the other person I was speaking to had three others surrounding & holding him. It felt incredible to feel the layers of support we both had around us in order to unravel what was in the way. It wasn’t one against the other. It was that this energy was in the field and needed to be brought to the light and be heard, seen and acknowledged to allow the container to feel safe again.

It was beautiful to be able to share my truth and navigate conflict with the support of so many powerful people holding space.

This happened a couple of other times for others as well & each time was truly remarkable to witness the uncomfortable energies go through their metamorphosis of coming back into harmony with one another.

It showed me that is what we all need.. community and council to work through the deeper layers that are always lingering in the subconscious field.

And then the actual work of what an Attunement Therapy session is.. wow, next level alchemy!

The last 4 days were a true medicine ceremony.

The facilitator even said he had never seen anything like it before except on 3 days of an actual medicine journey. (Ironic given my last post about not needing medicine anymore once you know how to enter those realms & this group of people definitely knew how to open that field)

We truly created such a loving and safe womb space together, deeply linked and connected to each other. It was so healing to feel that kind of care, support and love.

I felt so much anxiety at the end because I didn’t want to leave the group. I gathered my stuff quickly and was ready to run out of the door. My friend said something to me about how fast I was leaving and it brought to my awareness how I was trying to avoid my terror of not having this container anymore.

Instead of running out without saying bye like I would’ve in the past, I hugged each person and told them how much anxiety I was feeling & also shared how much I loved them.

Then I was waiting for my friend who was riding with me to finish saying bye to someone which made me sit and be with what was arising inside.

As I was waiting another friend came and sat by me I shared with him what I was feeling and he looked at me and started sharing his appreciation for me and I bursted into tears. Next thing I knew there were 3 others around me. One on each side of my arms and the two others in front holding each knee. I cried and cried and cried the pain that I was feeling inside and simultaneously had the cellular felt sense experience of being supported like I never have before.

That moment saved me a lot of stress and time trying to process it all on my own.

This training was everything I’ve been craving and more and has given me a new hope of where humanity is headed.

I am so grateful for each of you. You are all truly remarkable and beautiful souls. Thank you for showing up and being present for this magick to unfold. I feel we are infinitely woven and the amount of love and appreciation I feel for each of you is immense.

May we all carry the medicine of Attunement Therpay out to the world in the most integrous and honoring way so others can be as touched and loved as we all were throughout this training.

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