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Inside of me

From this place of darkness And confusion inside I tend to want to pull away and hide From my Fragmented mind Instead I choose to merge into This uncomfortable space where there is nothing to do Except surrender into the body, the emotion, and feelings Knowing there is a precious gem it is revealing Underneath the pain, sadness, and despair Is a wildly ecstatic love A devotional prayer From the Mother of Creation Awakening You To The fears that are inside of you That are ready to be seen With eyes of love Eyes of compassion The space in-between The oracular space Of gnosis emerging Genesis unfolding Pure consciousness transforming How do I remember to surrender into this love Amidst the anguish thereof? Close your eyes Place your hands on your heart She will reveal to you where to start Slip into the silence deep within Allow yourself to express however you wish Whether its tears, songs, shaking, writing, or screams These are gentle reminders whispering To your soul How to let go Back into the womb of the Mother Where she will cradle you And hold you through Reminding you Of your radiance, Your beauty Your power Your strength Refreshing your memory that you are an angelic being It is okay to feel confused, sad, or lonely But don't avoid these feelings Because there is beautiful medicine inside That is there for a purpose To open your heart up wide Back to Love Back to beauty Back to Joy Back to the connection to your Soul The Eternal wellspring The fountain of Life Ever flowing Available in each moment If you have the eyes to see The Divine Mothers love Right here inside of me

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