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It is so important to be radically honest when in relationship

It is so important to be radically honest when in relationship and to be able to be fully who you are, be true to yourself and communicate authentically what is real, alive and present for you.

When people withhold their truth and are scared to communicate whats real for them it tears down trust and connection and it takes so much more processing and energy to come back into harmony and rebuild safety once this has happened.

Each person is on their own unique journey of growth that looks different from their partners and also different from what their journey looks like together.

Being able to be fully who you are and being willing to speak to what is scary and vulnerable will create more connection and trust in the long run instead of disconnection and separation.

This doesn’t always mean that you are going to agree or that it will always be easy when speaking your truth or receiving someone else’s but if both people are willing to be honest it allows each other the opportunity to choose what is most aligned and to be able to see if the connection is sustainable and worth investing more time and energy into.

This takes being willing to allow the fantasies and expectations on how you want the relationship to look to dissolve and allow what is real and present to be whats leading the way which may look like continuing to deepen with each other or letting go.

The key is not being attached and to trust that what is arising is in the highest for all in order to grow to the next octave of love and union, whether together or apart. This is what conscious growth looks like.

When you are committed to growth, you are not attached to the outcome. The growth is what guides you.

It is very important to not make someone else’s choice or feelings wrong even if it brings up a trigger, fear or pain for you and you don’t agree with it.

Taking radical ownership and responsibility for your own fears, pain and wounds is EVERYTHING!

It is truly next level to be able to fully honor the other for choosing their self first and foremost and for them to have the courage to speak their truth even when it doesn’t align with yours. This is HUGE!

I always like to say there is no right or wrong choices.. but each choice has a consequence and some of those consequences may be more challenging to deal with than others.

It may be wise to allow space to integrate if you do notice a wound arising and then come back and share what your truth and feelings are when you are in a more clear and coherent space and see if it is possible to come to resolution together, to meet in the middle, to come to agreements that feel good for each of you or to see if your truths are so different that it will not work and it is in the highest to move on.

This may sound radical but it is some deep wisdom…

Be more willing to lose your partner than to lose yourself.

Really breathe that one in.

This is the beauty of being radically honest with one another and seeing if each of your feelings and desires align.

Oh the alchemy of connection and opening our hearts! It catapults us into the unknown which can be so scary.

Being able to be honest and communicate what you really feel is what a true conscious relationship is all about. Conscious relationships purpose is growth, individually and collectively.

Changing yourself to mend the relationship or cater to the other to not cause disharmony or being scared of their reaction is old paradigm relating and disempowers both people.

It is time to raise each other up and to come deeper into our power, together!

When you are choosing conscious growth you will choose relationships that mirror that to you.

Questions to stir in the cauldron...

When you look at your relationship what do you notice that you are choosing? Fear/Hiding or Love/Honesty?

Why is it hard to speak your truth?

Are you truly committed to growth?

Where can you take more ownership for your reactions and more responsibility for your triggers and wounds?

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