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It’s easy to feel a rush of chemistry and attraction to someone new

It’s easy to feel a rush of chemistry and attraction to someone new

The primordial animal body can come through and if you aren’t mindful it can be the one leading instead of the heart

The problem is most people act on this impulse before truly feeling into the other’s energy and listening deeply to the currents that are present in the field

There are creative and playful ways you can explore someone new without diving straight into s3xual intimacy:


Contact Improv

Eye Gazing

Authentic relating games

Let your bodies meet and play with all clothes on and boundaries clear of no kissing being involved

Partner Continuum


Connect to each other’s soul star.



Go into Nature + more

Of course these things are bonding, can still create turn on and get the kundalini flowing which is perfectly okay but you must have discernment on what you truly desire and what the attraction is and be able to hold boundaries with crystal clear clarity and not cave in just because you are desiring to be loved.

The field is intelligent and will organically reveal to you what is present and real if you are choosing to listen from deep within.

This way you can truly get to know someone and see how your energies flow, personality and all and you won’t regret rushing into anything too soon.

The more you know and love yourself and know what you want, the less you will continue to reach out to things that are not in alignment.

Be vigilant with who you share your s3xual energy with. It is a precious and sacred elixir that only true divine love & resonance will open you to in the ways the heart longs for.

I have found it is better to be alone and to create my own sacred space of Union than to sacrifice my body, heart, mind & soul to something that isn’t in the highest.

I invite you to continue to expand into your truth and deeply listen to what is real and never settle when it comes to sharing your holy dance of alchemical love with another.

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