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Menstruation Alchemy & Shamanic Menstruation

*MEN, there is a specific part for you towards the bottom of the article & I suggest to read the whole thing to better understand your woman’s moon time flow*

I have to admit. I have not always enjoyed my menstrual time. In all honesty, it is the most challenging time of the month for me. A veil comes over my psyche and doubt, confusion, disconnection, and numbness take over. There are times where my cycles have been deep and potent and filled with rich multidimensional experiences which usually occur when I am completely alone, but overall they tend to have a tone of not feeling powerful and disconnected and therefore it has become my least favorite time of the month.

We just started spiral 3 of the womb awakening course which is all about lunar womb blood awakening and it coincides perfectly because last month I had to fully admit to myself that I actually hated my moon time! My last two moons have been extremely painful which hasn’t happened in a long time. So with the pain + the psyche shift, I was really challenged. It was a powerful truth that needed to be expressed and has now allowed a deeper opening to the exploration of why I have come to feel so frustrated during this time and to surrender to the currents of the red river and see what gems are waiting to be uncovered.

I also just started my sacred moon flow yesterday & I decided I wanted to dive into the full shamanic menstruation process. I have done bits and pieces of it for the last few years but my womb was telling me to go fully into it because I know there is deep healing that needs to take place in relationship to my moon time.



“Shamanic Menstruation is a retreat into the inner Womb space during menstruation, with the Womb Blood as a shamanic guide. This is a Lunar Feminine Vision Quest”

- Fountain of Life


Free bleeding is an ancient way that was still practiced as late as the 17th century in Europe. The wise blood was believed to be a magical elixir and woman would walk the streets with it flowing down their legs.

I was guided to begin free bleeding about 8 months ago as my body began rejecting the cup. Literally my Yoni was spitting it out and if I tried to leave it in because I had to go somewhere, I would be in so much pain. The only reason I liked the cup was because it catches the blood to easily give back to the earth but having anything in our vagina blocks the natural flow downward and creates a disconnection to our Earth wisdom.

When we flow freely we open ourselves up to amazing transformative power and unlock ancestral memories that are held in our feminine DNA.

I have noticed how I will tighten my womb space or cross my legs still out of habit of not wanting the blood to flow naturally and freely. I can see how much this has suppressed my Shakti and connection to the cosmic womb. It takes effort at first to begin to fully relax our womb space to allow the blood to flow unrestricted.

You can buy a moon time blanket, moon sheets, and/or a mat that is absorbent such as the Venus mats to lay and sit on while you are bleeding. If you have to go somewhere a recyclable pad is the best option and then you can ring it out to give back to the earth🌿🌏🌿


A 3 day juice or water fast helps deepen the shamanic journey. It allows you to explore more subtle emotions that arise during this vulnerable time.

I am on day 2 of a water, juice, and coconut water fast. I am listening to my body and if I feel it needs food, I will break the fast but at this time it is telling me to keep going with grace and ease.


Okay, this is the hardest one for me as I absolutely love the water and taking baths during my moon time is one of my favorite things ever!

Tribes across the globe share how our menstruation time is about the Shakti fire and dampening it with water can put it out and you may not receive its full medicine.

I am on day 2 of no bathing and we will see how much longer I last!!


What is the color? Smell? Taste? How heavy are you flowing? Are there any changes from last month?

Creating a relationship with our blood is very important and helps us to know how our bodies are doing and if they are healthy.

You can also anoint your self with your blood to connect deeper to the mysteries and shadow of your femininity.


Most of us have experienced painful cycles at least once if not more frequently. The pain is a messenger to have us look deeper and connect to our womb and listen to what she needs. Even though it is very uncomfortable, it is important to merge deeper into and not let it continue to happen each month without making changes.

How can you turn the pain into ecstatic pleasure?

How can you listen to your womb more?

What message is the pain communicating to you?

The night before I got my moon I noticed the same pain beginning to form. Even though it was way more subtle I still tuned into my womb and asked what she needed. For me it was a hot bath with toning and playing the singing bowl in the water and on my stomach and also doing continuum movement. Then before going to sleep I meditated with my hands on my womb. The pain shifted & I am grateful this cycle has been pain free.

These are just a few of the steps with short descriptions to shamanic menstruation. If you are curious to know the full process or to learn more visit

where they offer an incredible 30 day journey into Lunar Womb Blood Awakening🌹🌑🌹

Our womb flow is a very powerful time that allows us to let go and surrender to who we truly are & what we have come here to be. Be open to what visions and downloads come through during this time and maybe try one, two, or all of these things the next time you start your red ruby flow.

Is shamanic menstruation something you would try? Or do you already do any of these things? What is your relationship with your moon time like? Let me know in a message or comment below🌹


It is so very important for you to honor your woman’s moon time. I highly suggest to download an app that tracks her cycle so you know which phase she is in and can remember to be extra sensitive and gentle in the pre-menstrual and menstrual phase. Believe me, she will feel so supported if she doesn’t have to tell you she is about to start her moon and you are the one who acknowledges that it is about to start and are ready to hold space for her time in the deep inner worlds.

The more you tune in to her during each phase the more you will start to notice patterns and become a master at holding her heart and womb during her moon.

Also, find out what her needs are. Maybe she would like a massage, or for you to run her a hot bath with bath salts and essential oils, or maybe she would like you to get her a juice or cook her a nourishing moon time meal, maybe she needs space and would like to be alone. Maybe she would love for you to place your hand on her womb. Whatever it is, be present and available and extra gentle and mindful of what you say or do during this time. Her hormones and senses are heightened and it is important to remember this and not take anything personal and allow her to be exactly how she is.

It is so important to be in service to your beloveds flow and to also share this time with her.

There are also many rituals the two of you can do together to stay connected during this time.

Beautiful Divine Men, I would love to know how you show up for your beloved during her moon time? Please share below!<3

I am intrigued to see if my relationship with my moon begins to shift to a more positive experience by diving into these realms of consciously connecting and vision questing during this time! I will write an update in a few months!

Blessings Beloved Womb Sisters & Brothers<3

Abwoon Alaha,


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