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My breasts use to be dead

My breasts use to be dead

Literally nothing could turn them on

For so long I didn’t even understand why they were considered an erotic zone

It wasn’t until I was in a relationship and he had shared how his previous partner had very activated breasts that something clicked

This was pretty much a new concept to me, it intrigued me so deeply & planted the seed for what was possible.

So I began the quest to activate and awaken my breasts!

I started by doing a lot of de-armoring around my heart chakra.

There would be places that hurt so intensely that I would start crying when I breathed into them.

One time after doing deep prayers to let go of the blocks around my heart, then de-armoring.. my chest was so sensitive and bruised that I couldn’t even touch it for days without it hurting.

This was a major turning point that I still distinctly remember.

Something cracked open

There were so many layers to dissolve, so many walls that keep me from love, so much pain and hurt to embrace and hold in gentleness and care and those layers are continuing to dissolve more and more with this practice

The de-amoring plus the breast massage has been total alchemy

I intuitively began to use rose oil when I did the massage to help open my heart, release the trapped memories and let the emotions flow.

The Rose is known to hold the highest vibration of unconditional love and beauty and is an tremendous ally on awakening our hearts back to their erotic innocence.

Now years later my breasts are one of my favorite places on my body and I experience true ecstasy when they are adored.

And simultaneously my Yoni has also opened and been able to experience more pleasure the more that my heart opens.. it’s no doubt that these two sacred places on our bodies are interconnected.

The journey to unlocking our hearts is no small feat and breast massage is one of the easiest and perfect places to begin!

If you are desiring to connect deeper to your heart and awaken your pleasure body to its natural potential come join women from all over the world saying yes to deeper self love in the Rose Heart Awakening Temple!

Only 3 more days to sign up!

Details in comments🌸🌸



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