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My little girl and my powerful priestess have been at war

My little girl and my powerful priestess have been at war I am currently battling these seemingly opposing aspects of myself. My little girl is online strong right now. She’s scared. She’s weak. She’s contracted. She’s powerless. She’s quiet. She’s not ‘herself’ It’s one of the most uncomfortable things I experience. I really don’t like the way it feels & I am learning how to embrace and accept her more and more Because I know all emotions are messengers to listen to the deeper needs within. They are holy codes of information Revealing how to unravel the ancient trauma in my bones, blood, cells & DNA. They are part of the human curriculum & I am here to explore my sacred internal landscape Every crevasse, nook & cranny that lingers inside waiting to be touched for the first time with the breath of loving presence To lean into the dark places that were once abandoned To see them, to accept them and to love them fully I am supporting my little one inside and allowing her to go at the pace that she needs which is very slow & simultaneously I support myself coming into my power, my voice, my sovereignty and courage even more. They can both be there simultaneously. That’s the complexity & beauty of growth. I am here to write a new template of my life & the way to do that is by completely embracing and accepting these parts of myself that need my love and care. Every time I show up differently for myself, I am also showing up for my younger and future self. It’s a multifaceted journey. Past, present, future.. All happening now in present time. I am learning how to look at my emotions instead of judge them And when I am in judgment I am accepting that part instead of creating even more suffering by being in a shame spiral I am able to share with the people around me what I am experiencing and how uncomfortable I feel. I am able to cry and allow myself to be held and receive loving support. It’s still so fucking vulnerable But feels so good. I imagine that this war between my little girl and my powerful priestess are going to merge and support one another in ways that I can’t yet articulate For now, I embrace the uncomfortable feelings and I am grateful to be shown how to love each part of the complex being that I am. Questions to stir in the cauldron.. How do you take care of your inner child? How could you pause and listen with more presence to the emotions that are arising within? What does your little one need to hear that she/he didn’t hear or receive when you were younger? How can you be the loving parent to those parts of yourself now? XO

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