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My tantric and sexual journey began with the Yoni Egg a few years ago

My tantric and s*xual journey began with the Yoni Egg a few years ago.

My Yoni was completely numb & shut down, I couldn’t have orga$ms & I experienced so much pain anytime I attempted to explore her.

I thought it would be like that forever.

I thought I would never experience the type of deep & passionate intimacy that others spoke of.

I thought I was broken or asexual but deep down I knew that wasn’t true but I didn’t know why my body was so turned off!

There was a little voice inside that whispered to me there was a way to heal & as I listened deeper and deeper I began to come across YouTube videos for s*xual trauma which led me to the Yoni egg and totally transformed my life!

This little oval crystal has been one of my #1 tools for over 4 years!

The egg strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, helps to release trauma, awaken your sensuality and maintain amazing health.

Then a couple of years ago I got the crystal wand and woah... the wand has been next level for me. It can get into sensitive spots way easier than the finger can and is the perfect tool for de-armoring & Yoni massage! Especially if you don’t currently have a lover or partner. It is vital to continue to pleasure yourself and stay active on your s*xual health. When a woman is well f*cked even while being single, she is moving from a place of wholeness rather than lack or neediness and becomes magnetic which is what the feminine naturally is when in balance.

If you experience fear of intimacy or pain or numbness in your Yoni you need this tool & it’s rare for me to make such a bold statement but I truly believe it will help every single woman that commits to doing this practice.

By choosing to say yes to the egg or wand you are saying YES to yourself and YES to committing to healing on a deeper level!

All crystals in my shop are ethically sourced and come directly from the mine. This is SO important when choosing to buy a healing wand that will be going into the most sacred spot on your body temple. DO NOT buy any that don't say this! You can read more information on my site or reach out if you have any questions!

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