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Nature is my ultimate sanctuary.

The crystalline waters purify my mind and wash away what no longer serves

Jumping in their pristine liquid love is like ecstasy on ecstasy

The trees sway and open my lungs

Their leaves sing in the breeze and I sing too

The breeze is the sacred breath of the beloved Earth

The sun caresses my naked skin and I dance into oblivion

I feel free

I can see beyond the threshold of fear

My nervous system completely unwinds

I can rest here.

I am present

I am home

I am one with the Earth, with the Divine, with the Mother

She erupts the most delicious nectar

Opening all of my senses,

Merging completely into the Gaia network

Becoming her

Remembering how we were never apart

Falling to my knees in the deepest reverence for this gift of life

This is the temple of Love

This is the sanctuary

This is Home

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