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Our breasts are our love center and an extension of our heart energy.

Our breasts are our love center and an extension of our heart energy. They sit on either side of our heart chakra and their nature is naturally sensual and orgasmic. The breasts are one of the most ignored places on a woman’s body. When we are not in touch with our breasts, we are not connected to our heart. It is so important to connect to our heart space. So many of us have walls and blocks around our hearts from suppressed emotions and fear. The more you tune into this precious and sacred place on your body, the more you begin to de-armor your heart and begin to feel her juiciness again. When the heart is blocked, so is the yoni. You can’t truly enjoy your sensual and ecstatic energy without having an open heart. It is vital for women to have their breasts stimulated before diving deeper into physical intimacy whether you are self pleasuring or with a partner. When the breasts are massaged, the heart opens and there is a direct link from the heart to the yoni & when the heart opens the yoni juices start to flow. If the heart doesn’t open that is a sign to not go further and to be present with whatever emotions are arising. I use to feel completely numb in my breasts and didn’t understand why they were considered an erotic zone. That was because my heart was shut down from trauma which closed off the sensations there. After diving into practices to open my heart as well as breast massage for the last few years, my breasts have come to life and I feel turned on literally just by thinking about them being touched. Now they are one of my absolute favorite spots on my body and I want all women to experience the orgasmic bliss that is possible when we begin to open our hearts. This is why breast massage is so important! Doing a daily ritual to massage the breasts eases you into expanding into your ecstatic sensual nature and erotic innocence. Breast massage is one the most simple and effective practices to do to begin to connect you deeper to your body, your erotic innocence, and to love your Self more. Yes, breast massage definitely helps with Self love! (OPEN Heart Connection = More Self LOVE) It also helps: Reduce PMS symptoms Harmonizes hormones Body love and appreciation Opens the heart Increases s3xual drive Moves the blood and the lymph Cleanses repressed emotions Be more round and firm Prevents formation of bumps, therefore prevents cancer. Releases toxins out of your body You may feel uncomfortable at first with touching your own breasts, but believe me it doesn’t take long for women to get into it and absolutely love this practice. The more that you practice breast massage, the more your breasts become sensitive and awaken to the Aphrodite orgasmic magick that lives within the tantra of the heart space.

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