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Our womb is a sponge

Our womb is a sponge. It absorbs & pulls energy into it. It’s literally equivalent to a black hole🕳. It is considered the negative pole on our bodies because it takes energy in, where the breasts are the positive pole because they penetrate energy outwards.

Since the womb stores energy in it, Its vital that we consciously tune into our wombs and clear out any old debris and stagnant energy that is blocking us from stepping into our service, radiating our confidence, magnetizing our desires & connecting deeper to our innate pleasure & orga$mic potential.

If a relationship didn’t have a proper closing and completion the energies can still be in the field & can be very hard to clear out, which can block you from being fully available to new connections.

Sometimes we don’t think any hooks or cords are there and then all of a sudden they rise to the surface because we are ready to see them so we can honor, embrace and release what is ready to be let go.

Some ways to know someone is entangled in your field..

You keep checking their Facebook even though you’ve already unfollowed them or are not friends anymore.

They are frequently on your mind or show up in your dreams.

You regret the way the relationship ended.

You feel discomfort or longing in your body when you think about them.

I am currently going through this at the moment. There is someone in my field so strong.. they weren’t there for months and then all of a sudden the hook was activated. I have been consciously watching it unfold, being curious as to what it is wanting me to see & taking action to lovingly unhook myself from it.

Sometimes doing one womb clearing is all you need and sometimes it is not enough to fully clear the energy. I’ve probably done over 50 the last year and it’s a practice I will continue to do because I tangibly feel and see the results that manifest from it!

If you feel there are energies, trauma or blocks inside that may be keeping you from opening to new love, from sharing your gifts with the world & being who you truly desire to be then I highly recommend joining us on the New Moon coming up this Sunday for the Womb Clearing Online Ceremony.

The ceremony will be a 2.5 hour deep dive using the elements of fire (masculine, releasing) & water (feminine, replenishing).

We will go through a fire ritual and release any cords, hooks, attachments or negative energies that are keeping you from your womb sovereignty and give it all back to the fire of transmutation and then we will close the ceremony with a beautiful womb water bowl ritual to replenish and restore the womb lining.

The ceremony is powerful yet gentle. There is no intense cord cuttings or pressure to go past your edge of tolerance. It is my goal to make sure you feel as held and safe as possible as we dive into the shadows and reclaim our s*xual sovereignty.

If you’re Womb is saying yes.. click the link in the comments for all the details & how to register.

Sending your sacred womb space so much love



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