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Priestess Arts

Priestess Arts is the doorway into the infinite lucid awareness of ultimate Consciousness.

The place we all crave to meet each other in.

The coherent unified field of Love, Oneness, Harmony, Bliss, and Soul Awareness.

Often times medicine is most people’s preferred gateway into these realms because it is the only access point they know of as of now.

My preferred gateway is the Temple Arts.. over and over again I am shown how when we create a field and invoke prayer and ritual the veils part and the ancient future memory of gnosis emerges.

Meeting in this place is my favorite thing to experience and share with others.

It doesn’t happen every time as these initiations and openings can’t be forced. Which makes it truly a divine miracle when it unfolds.

I am always left in awe as the mystery of existence reveals itself and all is known in the blink of a moment of us dreaming ourselves awake together, merging our souls in the most intimate way, remembering the purpose of it all and bowing to the sacred within everything.

I desire to create a mythic story of magick and beauty while I am present on this Earth and live life in this lucid state of piercing through the veils so we can remember together the reason for it all, the reason why we are here, and to blast more Love into this world because we all know that is the only thing that truly heals.

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