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Primal Goddess

I have tapped the well That was denied and forbidden access too To a part of myself that was lost An energy inside that had been dormant for some time An energy I use to judge Because it was something I was scared of The primal goddess The wild woman The dragon The warrior Now this well is an overflowing spring I have been granted the keys to dive into this ancient rage that has been suppressed In a conscious way No longer will it fester inside and cause all sorts of agony and pain It’s extremely liberating and I’m also a little terrified Not knowing how much the feral one will come through How wild and out of control I may turn into Deep in my bones I know this is the medicine I need To embody this archetype fully To scream, moan, shout and roar How did I ever live without her before? She is awakening in a wild ecstatic rapture In a continuum of primordial sounds I don’t care who is around Or where I am I will be wild and free No structure or ways it has to be Allowing this earthly dragon energy to run through me To heal all the pain, anger and rage inside So I can fully come alive And then move on to the next archetype And always carry this primal goddess inside my heart

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