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In order to open to the depths of Love that are possible you must feel absolutely safe.

If you don’t feel safe the magick shuts off and access into the multidimensional realms of union are blocked

Your subconscious knows everything. If there are energies in the field that feel off your relationship will be effected by it. We can’t hide anything from each other as the mind field is connected and everything is known even if It isn’t communicated. The conscious linear mind doesn’t have to be aware of things that are being kept secret because the deeper subconscious always feels and knows.

If you want a deeply rooted cosmic love than you must have a strong foundation of trust and safety.

Be completely transparent

Be authentic and real

Don’t lie or hide because you are scared

Create the most incredible container that allows you both to fully open to the depths of Love that are possible! I promise it is so worth it & if you are in a relationship that you don’t feel safe in, see what you can do to create deeper safety and if it doesn’t work it may be time to re-evaluate if it is in the highest to continue to be with someone who you don’t trust.

Safety is we’re all the alchemy happens. It is everything!

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