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So yesterday my energy felt pulled.

So yesterday my energy felt pulled.

I had connected with a man the day before and we had a sweet and innocent cuddle session

I sent him a message that evening and he didn’t respond which to me felt different than the usual flow of our conversations.

It hooked me

I noticed all day yesterday he was in my field

It felt distracting AF

And I was creating the story that he was playing games

When I dropped into meditation and tuned in deeper I recognized something quite profound

Was I projecting he was playing a game?

Or was I the one subscribing to it and playing it on my own?

I decided to send him a message letting him know that I was experiencing some strong energies in relation to him and instead of creating assumptions, I directly asked him why he didn’t respond to my message.

He said he thought about replying but had been busy and never got around to it. He said if I asked a question in my message it probably would’ve solicited an answer.

He then inquired about what energies I was feeling...

I shared how when I cuddle with people sometimes it can leave imprints & I noticed I felt him pretty strong throughout the day and I had to bring my energy back into my center often.

Then to get super clear I asked him if he had felt anything similar and what his experience had been.

I wanted to know if I was feeling the psychic field between us or if it was my own experience so I could better navigate the energies inside.

He replied “Honestly, you haven’t been super present in my field because I’ve been focused on the work I’ve been doing.”

This was gold for me.


No more stories.

No more being hooked.

I can see how him not responding to my message created a cord energetically for me and spiked my nervous system and subtly activated my anxious attachment style.

This helped me to see how there is still a part of me that actually enjoys dynamics like this.. I honestly feel attracted to them which definitely makes me question what that is inside of me.

I felt like I broke the spell by reaching out, asking direct questions and talking about it because that energetic hook immediately subsided and dissolved.

In the past I would’ve blamed the other for playing games.

I would’ve not believed him if he said he wasn’t thinking about me.

I would’ve played the game because there is a part of me that actually gets turned on by it.

I am committed to choosing a new way and I am grateful for this experience to help me refine my own patterns inside and step into more aligned and clear choices because the more I embody that the more I will be met by others who also hold that same frequency of authenticity.

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