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The Feminine Current

The feminine current is something many have forgotten in our modern world. It has been lost through the ages of the patriarchy. Many have tried to completely vanish this frequency, to cast away any memory of its alluring & unknown nature. The thing is, the feminine current can never be destroyed. Temporarily forgotten yes, but never gone for good.

Deep down in the marrow of our bones, the cellsin our bodies, & the blood that flows is the gnosis of the deep feminine that is permanently inscribed in our DNA. This memory is imprinted within each of us and can never go away.

For thousands of years it has been hidden in the dark crevasses of our being, it has been so close to us but not able to be accessed because it wasn’t safe to express her. Now we are in a time where she is awakening as the world has been longing to touch and embody her essence once again.

I want to be clear when I say the term ‘feminine’ that I am not relating it to gender or speaking to only women. The feminine is an energy that lives within each and every one of us, no matter what gender, race or where you are from.

So many have lost the current of the wild. They put the tonic of gnosis to the side and replaced it with control, domination, doing-ness and manipulation.

The habitual level of awareness majority of people operate in is the hyper drive, fast paced, over stimulated nervous system that is constantly doing, never stopping, always on the go, consistently busy, never enough, trying to survive energy.

When the majority of your life is lived in this state it doesn’t create much space to truly pause, feel and open your being to let her in. In fact it is almost impossible to taste her when your system is running like this.

These qualities in and of themselves aren’t wrong but when it is out of balance we tend to loose touch with the other half of our being, the current of the feminine.

So, what is the feminine frequency?

The feminine is slow. She listens. She pauses. She breathes deep. She tunes in. She takes her time. She is pure be-ing. She is the space between. She feels it all & allows everything.

She is the un-doing. The un-becoming. The un-knowing.

She descends. She is the subconscious & the underworld is her companion.

She is vast and deep. She is wild and erotic. She is raw and soft.

She is your anger, your rage and your grief.

She is your pleasure, your aliveness and your ecstasy.

She is it all.

She is the pulse of creation and Eros moving through your veins.

She is the void and darkness that has no name.

Where she abides, lives no control. She is the ultimate mystery. Here nothing is known.

To remember her is to remember the preciousness & sacredness of life.

To remember her is to remember our intimate connection to the Earth & how our bodies are in an unbroken relationship with her.

To remember her, is to remember how to live in right relationship with each other, pacha mama and to serve all of life.

How do you know if you’ve experienced the deep feminine current?


Have you ever experienced the hum of the Earth as you are communing with nature? It’s one of the sweetest songs in existence. Her soft melody of pure ecstasy is something you can never forget once you have been embraced by her sanctuary.

Have you ever allowed yourself to truly tap into the Gaia level of awareness? Where you drop down, way down, way way down, so deep, deeper than you may think & let gravity fully pull you into her embrace? Where you become one with the womb of the earth. You merge with Gaia and all of source & you are infused with the intelligence of her pure life force. There is no separation, no mind or judgement here. This is where I feel the most home. This is where I remember the truth. This is where I feel wild and whole. This is where the rhythm of my heart comes alive and I remember my true nature of being both embodied and divine.

Have you ever swam in her crystalline oceans and streams and cried tears of joy to remember, to remember the holiness of our bodies and how they are made of mostly water. We are living, breathing, water temples walking on land. To taste the true communion with the sacred liquids of this land is one of the most precious gifts one can experience. To drink the pure waters from the earth is one of the ways to truly remember who you are and the interconnectedness of all things from the micro to the macro that have been birthed.

Have you ever laid with your womb on the earth and felt the flow of her life force tangibly move through as she breathes it into your entire body & vibrates all your cells with the electromagnetic frequency of her being & awakens the depth of magick inside.

Have you ever sat outside during the dark hours of the night & listened to the wind whisper to the trees, let the silver rays of the moon kiss your skin, watched the stars dance and dropped into the all-pervading stillness while the world rests?

These are just a few ways that I drink the gnosis of the feminine nature.

She is my compass and my guide.

Awakening this current within is what brings me back home to my true Self again & again.

Beloved... Are you ready to remember?

If you said yes, join us in my upcoming 7 Day Course🌿E M B O D Y🌿where we will dive into the feminine current through expressive embodiment. This is a space where all of you is welcome, however you are. This is *not* a space for fixing, changing or giving advice. You get to be you and be held in a loving way as we connect to the Earth and let our purest expression move through.

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