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The Split of the Masculine & Feminine

There is so much arising with the feminine and masculine coming back into balance at this time on Earth. The last two days I have been diving even deeper into this as very real and tangible experiences have been brought right to me to truly allow me to see the split so clearly. I have been crying massive tears for myself and for the collective. It’s been powerful and simultaneously extremely painful.

I trust we are entering the doorway of true love again. Love is the greatest risk we will ever take. There are many steps to the unfoldment of this being embodied fully and there will be many shadow and subconscious realms we have to navigate in between to reach a morphogenic field of love, a New Earth.

The post below is written by the incredible Seren &Azra Bertrandin their book Womb Awakening. Check out Fountain of Life for more info on the beautiful work they are midwifing into this world.

After the Fall

“The devolution caused by this separation of the masculine and feminine is what we see written in suffering across the world today; only union can truly heal it.

After the fall, we entered into a time of matriarchy- where womb worship devolved into a celebration of only the feminine twin, where sensuality, sexuality, and fertility were explored without a heartfelt commitment and union with the masculine.

Over time this created a massive wave of negative energy in the masculine consciousness of anger, betrayal, powerlessness, and worthlessness, and took the feminine consciousness away from her innocent heart, into realms of power, pride, and domination-based sexuality. This separation birthed patriarchy. As this distorted angry, wounded consciousness separated from the feminine completely - condemning and crushing all the ways of the Goddess- so too did we separate from our Creator, our place in Creation, and the power of the Womb.

This Matriarchy is not to be confused with the womb religion of the Great Mother which cradled the earth in peace and equality for eons; instead it describes the tumultuous time of transition where a shift to a hierarchical “power-over” consciousness and culture started to emerge. In this process, the balance first shifted to women, who were naturally the power holders, as the birthers and shamans of the tribe, before the power was then seized by men.

This split between the masculine and feminine, and the deep well of grief and betrayal on both parts, is the fault line of our current civilization. From this place we are afraid and defensive, it becomes difficult to be open and vulnerable to love; to trust in union, not separation. From these wounds we wear our masks of safety and isolation, unwittingly “protecting” ourselves from the lifeblood of love. Sacred union consciousness is the desire to disarm and open again. Not for the one twin to be in power, but to meet again in equality and sweet harmony.” - Womb Awakening

I pray for pure balance to be restored to this earth once again between the masculine and the feminine and that we enter into the twin flame frequency of true sacred union so we can truly meet and see each other eye to eye and heart to heart once more.

I lay my heart on the altar of the divine and forgive all over and over and over again until there is not

one drop left of anger,

one drop left of judgement,

one drop left of manipulation,

one drop left of guilt,

one drop left of shame,

one drop left of competition,

one drop left of jealousy,

one drop left of misuse of power,

one drop left of unworthiness,

one drop left of separation.

I pray to you holy beloved goddess of love, be with us as we traverse through these places inside that have been so scared that they hide away from us keeping us even farther from love. Let them come up and be seen, embraced, forgiven, and loved.

& so it is

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