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The womb holds E V E R Y T H I N G within it

The womb holds E V E R Y T H I N G within it We need to understand how both energetic and physical energies can be stored in our wombs. Every person we have ever exchanged s3xual energy with stays imprinted within. We are in a time where we are uncovering an immense amount of s3xual abuse that has been taking place on our planet and many of us don’t realize the implications of what takes place when we engage s3xually while also still holding onto trauma. When we have trauma our consciousness tends to go up and out and disassociate and this opens the space for unwelcome energies to enter into our power center. We must be present in our body temples to face the pain and to heal the trauma. This is why it is super important to do Womb clearings. This ritual creates a safe space for us to dive deep into the darkness, which are the aspects that are unknown to us and just out of sight of our awareness. This is what the Scorpio energy is all about. It allows us to have the courage to dive in and to face these aspects that at times we choose to avoid. Avoiding them only creates it to build into an even more shadowy monster and amplifies the intensity of fragmentation and dissociation. Without the light we are cut off from consciousness and this can be dangerous especially when engaging with the most powerful force on our planet.. our s3xaul energy. We must choose to go into the underworld, to see the darkness, to hold it with compassion, love, and forgiveness. We must guide these energies out of our wombs back into the Earth to be transmuted. This is exactly what we do during the fire puja of the womb clearing ceremony🔥 We go deep We see our shadows We take ownership for our unconscious behavior We get to see how we have all played these games and have similar wounds And every time it is such an incredibly healing, bonding and illuminating experience. Sisterhood wounds dissolve Jealousy, competition, manipulation and seduction wash away into the light We see each other with purity and the eyes of love It is unbelievably beautiful And this work is so needed at this time If you’re feeling the call... come join us in the temple sister. Event link with all the details and how to register is in the comments xo Sending your sacred and holy womb space so much love, XO ~Anaia Sundara

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