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The Womb is a spiral journey

Are you ready to reclaim your pristine s€xual energy and return to your primordial freedom?

To descend deep down into the dark, lush, & velvety soil of the Womb

To dive into the depths of your Self

To see all the fragmented pieces that are ready to be loved, forgiven and embraced once again

To retrieve your soul essence

To come alive

To open your heart

To taste the exquisiteness of pure ecstasy

And breathe in the remembrance of your original innocence

The Womb is a spiral journey

There is always more to the mystery that lives within

She knows exactly how to weave your evolution and growth

She listens

She is patience

She is loud

She is strong

She will give you whatever you need in each moment to come back home to your Heart

Connecting to this space is like opening pandoras box

It is a commitment

A vow

You can never turn back once the lid has been cracked

And you wouldn't want to

Because this is the pathway to your true Self

To your Essence and embodiment of your Soul that lives within

The Womb is the doorway

All she asks is are you ready and willing to step in?

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