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The wounded feminine is TOO MUCH

I keep seeing so many of “The Too Much Woman” posts circling around Facebook & I cant help but share a deeper truth that I feel needs to be heard.

The wounded feminine is TOO MUCH & I can say this from a deep place of honesty because I was her and I am still very much learning and growing through this.

Now I am not speaking to the women who have truly embodied the mastery of their emotions andown the fuck out of being all of who they are. That is the Empowered Feminine. That is fully welcome and needed in this world.

What I am speaking to is the ancient wound where women play out, and project their mother wound onto whoever is closest to them. Usually their partners and their closest friends.

This is the inherited emotional and energetic pain-body imprint of our mother, and the ancestral maternal pain of the lineage.

It is time for the wounded feminine to own the shadow of being too much and learn how to have emotional self mastery over her emotional chaos.

This is not easy and it makes sense that women would rather use the excuse that they are allowed to be too much instead of taking ownership for their emotional pain.

This plays out in many ways...

She is needy, clingy and destructive.

She takes up too much space for her process

Everything is back to front and she enters a dimension of borderline which is a twisted and crazy making world

Confusion, subterfuge and double speak reign over.

She doesn’t listen.

She doesn’t care about your experience.

She thinks she is right and uses her intuition as her excuse to attack and blame.

Her attacks are her just “speaking her truth.”

Your truth is an attack on her that she won’t allow.

She can break boundaries but will slay you if you cross hers.

She will not take ownership for her feelings and pain.

She tries to get the love, intimacy, connection, support and validation she did not receive as a child, through idealization, and often by covert emotional manipulation.

She releases her pent up anger and rage onto you to destroy and divide.

Her emotions are like a tsunami that will take over all of the space leaving no where for the other, usually the man, to feel safe to be vulnerable and open up.

He is too busy tending to her pain, her emotions, her chaos.. which most likely means he is playing a caretaker role which only fuels the flames of the wounded feminine even more.

Often times he is not able to handle a women’s emotions because it is so much, he gets frustrated that it is all about her & he doesn’t know how to help which creates her to be even more vengeful.

They keep each other locked in this energetic pattern and conditioning.

Trapped in codependency and victim mentality.

The woman is overly needy & the man has a caretaker complex.

They are a perfect match for one another

He eventually gets frustrated and pulls away because he doesn’t feel safe bc it is all about her and there is no space for him, his feelings and his experience.

Or she may leave because he is never good enough and doesn’t know how to hold and "attune" to her and all of her insanity and will blame him even though it isn’t his responsibility to hold it all.

We are always a vibrational match with whoever we are in relationships with. The other is a reflection of your inner feminine/masculine. There is medicine for you to see through their mirror and pieces for you to learn and grow through.

Most of us grew up in chaotic & emotionally volatile environments and are use to drama in our lives and actually equate drama to love and attract relationships that mimic the way our parents raised us. Stable and consistent connections can actually feel boring until we have looked at our developmental trauma and explored inner child healing.

Eventually women need to realize that it is time to grow up and take responsibility for their emotions instead of throwing them up and out all over their partners or friends.

Women need to learn how to self sooth, self regulate and self source so they don’t always rely on a man or someone else to do this for them.

If they can’t hold their own emotions they are still playing out the wounded feminine plain and simple.

Learning to have self mastery over your emotions as a woman is truly an art and takes a lot of courage, strength and practice.

I want to be clear that this does not mean you do it all on your own and never reach out for external support. It means loving yourself enough to know the difference from reaching out in desperation or reaching out from a place of wisdom.

I invite you to really look at where you use the “Too Much” phrase as a way to avoid, bypass and sabotage yourself from truly stepping into the Empowered Feminine you are desiring to be.

There are many tools to help balance your emotions and one of my favorites is with a daily breast massage practice.

It is proven that breast massage helps balance hormones, regulate emotions and detox the body of suppressed pain and memories.

Breast massage isn’t the cure all, it is a bridge that can guide you deeper into your heart and bring you into more awareness of your emotions.

It has been a huge catalyst for for me in my life and I am so excited to share it with all of you!

Also, Conscious Celibacy and Womb Clearings have tremendously helped me learn how to self source like NOTHING ELSE! I offer online Womb Clearings every New Moon that are so magickal and healing!

“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who come after her”



7 days

Self Love Breast magick

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Support from me & the other women in the temple

+ more juicy bonuses

So far we have over 70 women from all over the world joining!

Let’s all rise into more open and radiant hearts together!

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