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Throne of Feminine

Do you actually know what your pelvic floor looks like? So many women experience pelvic floor pain, fibroids, cysts, PCOS, PMDD, Candida, cervical cancer, endometriosis, tight hips, menstrual cramps, trouble using her voice, poor boundaries, codependency + more, which is a result of a disconnection to this holy part of the body and the primordial life force of shakti that desires to flow seamlessly through. Something I’ve found to be extremely helpful is to actually know what this sacred part of your body looks like. Do you see how the bones form the shape of a cup or a bowl? This is why the pelvic floor is referred to as a chalice which is a sacred cup for ritual that holds wine & our pelvic floors are where our menstrual blood flows and hold all of creation within it. The bones of the chalice lovingly cradles your womb, ovaries, Yoni and cervix within it.. All of your feminine power is held here. How often do you drop down from your mind and bring your awareness into your root, your womb and your Yoni? How often do you place your hands on your womb and tune into the voice of this holy and precious site on your body? It is time to reclaim your feminine throne and to come back into right relationship and communion with your body temple. & one beautiful way to start is with Womb Clearings! My next collective Womb Clearing Ceremony is coming up on the New Moon in Libra this Saturday September 28th. These ceremonies have been so powerful and are a great place to start to become more aware of your pelvic floor, to clear out blocked emotional/s3xual energy, reconnect to the womb voice and love yourself more as that’s what I have learned is the key to the deepest healing For more details & to register click here 👉 Or send me a message if you have any questions! Sending your sacred chalice so much love XO ~Anaia Sundara

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