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To truly see each other we have to deeply listen

There are so many dimensions to the art of listening and collectively we are learning how to truly listen at a vaster level.

I find more often than not in brief interactions or conversations, even with those we know, we tend to think we understand what someone is saying as they vulnerably share about an experience, when in reality most the time we are only receiving a sliver of the depths of who they are or what they are attempting to put into words. Often times, we will respond by sharing advice from our own experiences, which at times can be helpful in the right situation, but deep down what we truly all desire is to be genuinely heard and seen, which usually looks very simple and requires full presence with an expanded perspective instead of focusing on the limited self.

How can we expand our viewpoints to a more holographic mythic reality where we see all archetypes and understand the subtle layers of existence and merge into the highest healing in each moment?

We are healed when we are deeply listened to. It is one of the biggest gifts to have all our fears brought to the surface, to be fully seen, and to still be loved wholly and completely. This allows the cleansing of the auric field to unfold and for lifetimes of past pain to unravel and be brought back into coherency so you become aware of your eternal Self rather than just your personal identity.

It is my goal in this life to truly listen, to listen with my whole being, to open my energy field and all of my senses, for my personal agenda to become ever more lucid and to reclaim the ability to listen to others through a broader perspective. I desire to play and view life at a mythic level and walk through this world by showing up in the fullness of the present moment and deeply listening to what is desiring to emerge.

I feel the art of listening is a huge catalyst to upleveling our consciousness. The next time you are in a conversation, I invite you to slow down, stop thinking about what you are going to say next, tune into the subtle energetic field, the broader perspective, and truly hear what this beautiful person in front of you is sharing and see if you can have real empathy, which means being within them, becoming one with them, becoming one with all that is. Where you don’t just sympathize with them, you know them from the inside out.

This is the level of consciousness we are moving towards and those who awaken to the deeper subtleties of the art of listening are the ones who will be the avatars and beacons for humanity and the new Earth.

So I invite you to ask yourself, how deeply are you listening to yourself and others? Where can you listen deeper? Where can you move from the limited perspective of the small self into a more unified expanded viewpoint of reality?

Begin to play with the art of listening and see how it changes your experience into one of more harmony, unity, and connection.

I'd love to hear what helps you listen deeper in the comments below

Blessings beautiful ones,


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