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Today was hard

“The pace that I need to go at is the pace of my most fragile self”

A dear sister said this to me today. As she was witnessing me cry and cry and cry and cry and spiral into a trauma vortex as my deepest core wound was coming up to be seen once again. Today was hard. Really hard. One of the hardest days I’ve had in a long time. Rivers of tears streamed down my face I felt disconnected from my Self Even though my highest soul ‘knows’ how it would like to respond ... it is not in congruence and true for how my body experiences it. It is an idea and not a felt sense experience. So again, “The pace that I need to go at is the pace of my most fragile self” This was such a gem of wisdom I felt the truth of it align in all of the cells of my being It helped me surrender, relax and love myself more It reminded me to Love the little one inside & ask her what she needs and how I can best support her. Then I went to ecstatic dance because I knew I needed to move my energy Dance is my medicine I was feeling so trapped at the beginning I cried some more Then I knew I had a choice to break free So I did I screamed (loud) And banged on the floor And simultaneously the music got tribal and more rhythmic and my body merged with the sound And I came back to my Self I came back into my heart And I had some of the most beautiful dances with some of my favorite people Oh, life is wild The underworld took me over And I rose on top Because there is always a choice We can continue to spiral in the fear Or come back to Love Because that is the only thing that is real

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