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Voice of the Womb

The voice of the womb is a primordial inner wisdom keeper that slashes any false story of the mind and reveals the essence of the Truth.

For centuries, women were cut off from the voice of their wombs because it wasn't safe to listen to her, she became something we shunned and shamed, repressed and turned away from.

This resulted in generations of women repressing their wild feminine, their sensual-s€xual power as well as their truth of wisdom and knowledge. In today’s society there are plenty of women suffering from different dis-eases related to their reproductive systems, fybroids, cysts, PCOS, PMDD, candida, endometriosis, cervical cancer.. which is a result of being disconnected to their primordial Shakti life force.

It is time to become a Priestess of the womb, to turn back on your oracular vision, and open to the sacred Stargate that lives within the womb space.

Your body is the feminine temple of all memories that have ever existed. She is the keeper of Truth and the inner akashic records.

The Womb is the gateway to God and the Womb’s voice comes from the direct flow of Source. Emotional and s€xual blocks, past traumas, and suppressed feelings can block the connection to the voice of your womb and prevent you from embodying ecstatic/orgasmic states of Consciousness.

The awakening of the Wombvoice in woman is one of the most powerful forces of creation. "There is no greater healing tool for women than to access the essence of the sound of her own body and its connection to the elements."

Are you ready to awaken your powerful, erotic, sensual, wild woman? To allow her to come back online and embody the pleasure and ecstasy that is your innate birthright?

If you said yes, this is why it is so important to do Womb clearing practices as they help to tap you deeper in and re-connect you to your Womb Voice which is one of the most powerful forces of creation.

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