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Womb Healing = Ancestral Healing

When we begin to dive deeper into the realms of our wounds and trauma we begin to see the thread of patterns that have been passed on through each generation of our family lines, especially through the female lines of the family.

When your grandmother was pregnant with your mother, the egg of you was inside of your mother for 5 months which means you were also inside of your grandmother! & that means that your grandmother also formed within the womb of her grandmother..

And since the womb is an absorbent sponge.. not only do we pick up our mother's emotions, pain, and wounds while we are gestating in her womb but we also pick up our grandmothers! It goes even further past the grandmother to our great grandmothers and beyond but the mother and grandmother are more prominent as they are the most recent through the line.

We all hold different levels of inter-generational trauma.

How do you know if you are carrying it..

Do you have trouble using your voice?

Do you attract unhealthy and toxic relationships?

Do you struggle with your self worth?

Do you experience shame around your s3xuality?

Do you notice patterns of disease and illness in your family?

Do you have blockages around money?

Do your thoughts create self sabotage?

Do you continue to see the same unhealthy patterns over and over and over?

Do you emotionally eat? or eating disorders?

Do you experience anxiety and/or depression?

Does mental illness run in your family?

Do you feel confused often?

Are you a people pleaser and lack healthy boundaries?

Do you have any addictions? Food, stealing, drinking, drugs etc

+ so many more...

These imprints have been with us before our birth and until we take the time to truly look at them they can sabotage & control our lives and create a lot of pain, suffering, anxiety, depression, numbness and illness.

These contracts have been deeply embedded into the cells, tissues, blood and bones of our bodies.

We must choose to create space to truly go into these places and allow the ancestral trauma to unravel so we can see our true selves once again & come back into our original innocence and wholeness within.

It is time to break these patterns and open to deeper love and freedom on all levels and not let these wounds continue to be passed down through our family lines. Our parents and ancestors were not allowed to process their trauma and did not have the incredible tools & resources that we do at this time.

Womb Clearing is an incredible way to begin to see how to shift these patterns of energy.

Not only are we clearing past lovers, partners, emotional and/or physical abuse, & psychic debris.. we are clearing the ancestral hooks too!

The next Womb Clearing Ceremony is coming up this Monday in the New Moon in Scorpio which I feel is going to hold us through such a potent journey!

If you’re interested click the link in the comments for details

Or send me a DM if you have any questions!

Sending your sacred womb space so much love



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