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Womb & Nervous System Earthing

It is so important to put your womb & spine on the Earth every single day. The Earth is a living, breathing being of pure intelligence and medicinal healing properties. When we tap into her and use the energy with intention in a conscious way it accelerates our healing and starts to rewire the body back into balance. Gaia is the source of our Shakti, chi, and life force energy. This is the fastest gateway to clearing our bodies of the ancestral karma, trauma, PTSD, Fight or Flight, Fear, Anxiety, Depression, pain in the body, mysterious illnesses & more. Our bodies inform the Earth with what we are needing and she listens and helps us to come back into alignment and radiant health. We re-charge by laying on the Earth. By sourcing our energy from the Earth it teaches us how to Self Source and connect back to our feminine. She helps us remember how to slow down, to open to the beauty and sensuality of life which allows more space for healing as well as creativity to stream forth. It helps us see where we are moving our energy in distorted, needy or manipulative ways and helps clears any hooks, cords, and codependency with others. The most natural state of a human is when our life force energy is overflowing as this is what drives life. When we source our life force from the Earth there is an awakening that happens inside our blood, bones, cells, womb, heart and DNA. The ancient remembering is ignited and things begin to just click or more ah ha moments begin to happen. When we are feeling alone, depressed, weak, sad and unsupported by friends or family we can always turn to the Earth and know that she will hold us in the most unconditional loving space as we cry, scream, shake, moan, sing, and pray. She is here for us, working with us in perfect union to open us to the remembrance of love inside of our hearts so we can walk this world as awakened beings and allow the joy and the magick to come back online. Womb Earthing connects us deeper to our spirit, to the womb of Gaia and helps burn away what no longer serves so we can embrace, forgive and love it all back into wholeness. We are always supported by Gaia. Let the Earth speak to you. Let your Womb speak to you. Let your spine speak to you. HOW TO DO WOMB EARTHING 🌿Lay directly on the earth on your belly 🌿As you inhale Breathe fully into your womb bringing all of your awareness into this space 🌿Breathe the energies from the Earth up from the ground into your womb 🌿Hold the breath in your womb for as long as you can breathing into places in the womb that don’t usually get touched with your awareness and breath 🌿You may visualize colors of light or water flushing through your womb to cleanse this precious and sacred space. 🌿& as you release exhale any unwanted energies that are keeping you blocked back into pacha mama. Then turn over on your back and have your spine directly on the Earth. 🌿As you inhale breathe fully into your spine from the base of the sacrum all the way to the top where it meets the cranium 🌿Hold your breath as long as you can 🌿You can envision crystalline light penetrating your spine, clearing it of any PTSD, Fight to Flight, or Anxiety 🌿As you exhale visualize all the unwanted energies going back into the Earth. Ideally do this for at least 10 min on each side but even 1 min on each side is better than nothing! I have been doing this along with womb Clearing for over a year and combined together is truly powerful medicine. The next Womb Clearing online Ceremony is TOMORROW August 30th at 6pm pacific time. If you’re interested you can register below or click on the event link for more details: “The hum of life is far slower than the frequency most of us resonate with at the moment. When we reconnect, the pace of life slows down - it becomes more sensual and flowing, more gentle and peaceful. Life wants to play with us, and everything is bathed in Love. By connecting our wombs back to the harmonic hum of the earth, we are instantly plugged directly into the web of life, which deeply nourishes and revives our feminine being, making us literally ‘glow with life’ and magnetism. It also gives us back the Voice of our womb, our ‘gut instinct’, helping us access a level of intuition that some may consider to be ‘psychic’ or ‘supernatural’. Are you ready to Learn how to hear the earth sing again?” The Fountain of Life

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